Get Funny Money Advice From A Comedian — Then Go For His Gig This Weekend

“Bankers are supposed to be smart people. I disagree.”

Over one million people across 24 countries have watched Vir Das live since 2013. Come this Saturday, Singapore audiences will add to that number when the 38-year-old funnyman graces our shores for his stand-up show, which is in support of his Netflix comedy special Abroad Understanding, released in April. We shoot the breeze with the Mumbai-based comedian before his gig here.

8 DAYS: Your upcoming tour is titled Boarding Das World Tour. What's the one thing you have to buy when you're travelling?
VIR DAS: Underwear. You can never have too much underwear. I don’t want to imply that I’m losing underwear for fun reasons; I just tend to leave a lot of them in hotel rooms. Also, I’ve found that when you’re nervous about a show, a brand new pair of boxers kind of gets you in the right space. Mentally, of course. 

What's one souvenir from overseas that you regret buying?
I was in Stavanger in Norway a few months ago and ended up having what looked like a very green fish soup. This seemed like a bad decision because I’ve never seen a very green fish. But I value the indigestion that followed — it’s a memory I will carry with me for a very long time. 

How did you get started in stand-up comedy?
Vodka and rejection.

And unlike most guys, you get to make money from that. What did you do with your very first paycheque?
I wish I could tell you I did something hugely poetic with it. But it was close to $10 — I had a burger and a beer. I know what you’re thinking: What restaurant sells food for that cheap? 

Have you ever used humour to get out of an awkward work situation, before you started doing it for a living?
Yes. Pretty much every fight I’ve ever had with a lady in my life. That doesn’t officially quantify as a work situation. But I think if you ask them, they might testify that the relationship was a lot of work. 

What's the best money advice that a fellow comedian has given you?
That I was never going to make any. He was so right. 

Why did you get a shock the last time you looked at your credit card bill?
Actually, I’m shocked every time I look at the card itself. It strikes me as hugely irresponsible that a bank would even give me one. These bankers are supposed to be smart people. I disagree. 

The one joke that you’re so proud of, you’d like to have it copyrighted?
Donald Trump is America's arranged marriage. That felt like a uniquely Indian take on trump. 

Vir Das’ Boarding Das World Tour is on Nov 25 at the Capitol Theatre, 8.30pm. Tix and more info at www.TheComedyClub.Asia. 

Photo: Comedy Club Asia 

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