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5 Perks You Get To Enjoy With A Food Delivery Subscription (That Costs Just 10 Cents)

Free islandwide delivery vouchers? Extra discounts on pick-up and dine-in? Yes, please.

5 Perks You Get To Enjoy With A Food Delivery Subscription (That Costs Just 10 Cents)

Like it or not, Singaporeans are known as a kiasu bunch who would do anything to uncover the best deals. But hey, nothing wrong with that, right? Especially when we’re in a time where it’s more important than ever to save money.

Well, you don’t need to move heaven and earth for this lobang: foodpanda is having a huge sale — its one-month pandapro subscription plan for non-subscribers is going at just 10 cents(!!!).

Seriously, when was the last time you purchased something for 10 cents? Let alone something that gets you the following five great perks:

1. Free islandwide delivery vouchers every month

Picture this: you’re sitting around at home when an intense craving for a specific dish hits. You excitedly launch your food delivery app to search for it… only to discover that the nearest restaurant that serves it is all the way on the other side of the island.

pandapro subscribers laugh in the face of such a predicament. Membership now comes with the shiny new perk of three free delivery vouchers a month, which also applies to islandwide deliveries, so easties can now call for their favourite treats from the west and vice versa.

There’s a minimum spend of S$30, but you can easily hit that amount if you make it a makan party with your family or friends.

2. Free food delivery from selected restaurants

Besides the three free delivery vouchers, you also get free delivery deals from thousands of selected restaurants — an absolute lifesaver on days when you’re working from home and simply have no time or energy to cook or drag yourself out to get lunch. Or you just wanna be super-efficient and clear all those emails while waiting for your food to arrive.

In any case, say goodbye to your days of wincing momentarily before closing one eye and accepting the peak hour delivery fee because, with pandapro, delivery is F-R-E-E on orders from selected restaurants (but do note that a minimum spend applies).

So sit back, relax, and finish whatever you need to do while knowing that you’re able to save both time and money.

3. Free delivery on pandamart orders

Admit it: grocery shopping can sometimes feel like a rather cumbersome chore.

But with pandamart, foodpanda’s online grocery store, dragging yourself to the supermarket, navigating labyrinth-like aisles, and queuing to pay all become problems of the past as you can simply order everything with a few taps on the app and have it sent to your doorstep in an hour.

What’s more, the grocery delivery service is available 24/7 and delivers within the hour, so even night owls who want to do meal prep can add those groceries and any other essentials — there’s a huge range available, including fresh produce — to their cart at three in the morning.

Oh, and did we mention that pandapro subscribers can enjoy free pandamart delivery with a minimum spend of S$32? Now there’s really no reason to actually head down to a physical store.

4. Extra 10% off pick-up

Anyone who has ever gone to tapau food is likely all too familiar with the sight of snaking long queues — especially during peak periods — followed by the awkward, limbo-like state between placing your order and collecting it.

These predicaments are swiftly eliminated with foodpanda’s pick-up option, which allows you to key in your order before you even reach the restaurant, stroll in to retrieve it when the app indicates that it’s ready, and strut out like a boss.

While there is already an existing discount on pick-up orders for all foodpanda users, pandapro members get an additional 10% off.

5. 20% off dine-in at selected restaurants

Sometimes, you just want to dress up and go out for a nice dinner date with your other half, especially if there’s a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary to celebrate.

Such an event calls for a treat, whether it’s an extra scoop — or two — of ice cream at Andersen’s of Denmark or a plate of Spicy Szechwan Dumplings from Chen’s Mapo Tofu. Whatever it is you fancy, go ahead and order away because with pandapro, there’s a 20% dine-in discount at selected restaurants.

There’s a good variety of establishments where the promotion is valid to suit all kinds of cravings, including PizzaExpress, Takagi Ramen, SaladStop, and Eighteen Chefs.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Now you may be wondering how you can get all that for just 10 cents.

Well, from now till Mar 31, all you have to do is head over to the foodpanda app and key in the promo code <10CENTS> for a monthly pandapro subscription, and you’ll enjoy a massive discount of over 98% off its usual price of S$7.99 a month.

Do note that this is only valid for non-subscribers on the pandapro subscription programme and that terms and conditions apply. For more information, click here.

If you’re an existing subscriber, don’t worry because you can still enjoy deals on the six-month and 12-month pandapro plans, which are going at S$3.99 (U.P. S$4.99) and S$2.79 (U.P. S$3.99) a month, respectively.

Bon appetit!

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