Finding It Hard To Quit Smoking? This Video Might Just Do The Trick

Get ready to take your last puff.

From an anti-smoking PSA to a hilarious hostel ad featuring Mariah Carey, these videos may just help keep boredom at bay,

Military Precision

This Ukrainian military recruitment ad sees various soldiers, in the midst of duty, proclaiming to be a “brother”, a fan of a football club, and a “sales manager”, among others. The point? To show that people from all walks of life have the responsibility of defending their country, and that no one is “born for war”. This is how you make a sentimental military ad while still preserving the sense of patriotism. 

Into The Storm

We don’t get catastrophic storms in Singapore, but this video shot by a brave storm hunter in Kansas brings us up close to the action. From ominously dark skies to incredible winds creating a hurricane, this vid shows just how the fiercest hurricanes get formed.

Sound Effects

A supermarket makes a case for shopping online by showing how important it is to have two hands free. A girl with headphones on is walking home when the worst song ever comes on. However, she becomes increasingly agitated as the garish ’80s synth rock track, complete with a bad rap, sax solo and a Latin percussion groove, blares on. She’s unable to change tracks… because she has groceries in both hands. 

Guilt Trip

This anti-smoking campaign doesn’t use fear tactics or pix of decaying body parts to get smokers to quit. It uses something far worse — shame. The documentary-style PSA features a smoker talking about her habit while images of her happy family flash. “It takes energy from me. It slows me down. It’s costly,” she says. “If you calculated what I spent in a week… it’s terrible. I could probably pay my family’s bills. It’s embarrassing.” Still want to light up? 

Keep Calm and Carey on

What do you do when life gives you lemons? If you’re Mariah Carey, you make fabulous lemonade, of course. S*** hits the fan when Mariah’s assistant accidentally books her into a hostel instead of a swanky hotel in this outlandish ad for a budget accommodations. With a pile of Louis Vuitton luggage in tow, the diva is shown around the hostel and introduced to oscillating fans, shared toilets and backpacker bunkmates. But all is well again when Mariah takes over the bar. Whatever’s good for Mariah is good for us, right? 

Face(book) The Music

zuck 5
zuck 1
zuck 4
zuck 3
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent two days testifying before the US Congress about data privacy on Facebook, in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. While the privacy breach of 87mil Facebook users is no laughing matter, the tweets and memes that resulted from his testimony are rib-tickling. No one was spared — not Zuckerberg (Zuckerborg?) and his robotic behaviour, nor the octogenarian (read: not-so-tech-savvy) senators to whom the tech billionaire had to explain how Facebook works. Here are some of our favourites. 

Just Doh It

play doh 1

play doh 2

play doh 3

Even if you’ve never loved mucking around with Play-Doh as a kid, you knead to look at these whimsical Play-Doh creations featured on its official Insta-account. From fantastical creatures to memes, anything is possible. You may just be inspired enough to get your hands on those little tubs of colourful goo and take a trip down memory lane. 


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