Find Out Why Amber Rose Has A Tampon Around Her Neck

Feminine products are basic rights.

Get on the edge of your seat as you witness a pizza delivery call that is not what it seems, and be dazzled by Amber Rose's daring ad promoting femininity. 

Vaccination Magic 

There are children in the world still dying from diseases like measles and pneumonia, no thanks to adults who don’t believe in vaccinations or believe that they cause autism. Hopefully this demonstration by famed magician duo Penn and Teller on how vaccinations act like a strong shield against a myriad of life-threatening diseases will work some magic on these truth-denying adults.

Bugging Out

Carmakers Volkswagen are using emotional blackmail to hawk their cars. This ad leverages on the strained relationship between a father and his grown son as they take a bumpy road trip together in a battered old Beetle. The tension is uncomfortable to sit through at times, but the ending will make you nostalgic for a Bug of your own. Until you remember the escalating COE prices.

Amber Alert

Amber Rose is telling her government where to stick it with this ad. A protest against a droll “tampon tax”, the ad shows the former stripper parading a diamond-encrusted tampon around her neck to drive home the ludicrous notion that feminine products are luxury items.

Listening Comprehension

This harrowing clip is based on a real 911 call where a woman pretends to order pizza when she’s actually talking to cops. Why? A domestic abuser is in the room with her and she can’t talk freely. This ad by, a site dedicated to raising awareness about domestic abuse, reminds us that listening for signs of abuse is as important as a victim working up the courage to come forward.

Not Loving It

Fast food giant Burger King is taking its rivalry with McDonald’s onto the big screen with a little help from Stephen King. Ingeniously trolling the golden arches, Burger King hijacked the German premiere of horror film, It, and plastered the screen with cryptic warnings about trusting clowns, a direct dig at the Golden Arches’ pasty-faced mascot. Juvenile? Sure. Clever? You bet.


untitled 15

art 2

This is Pokémon Go for art geeks. In an art-meets-augmented reality collab between Snapchat and American artist Jeff Koons, Snapchat users can track down virtual art installations of Koons’ famed sculptures like Balloon Dog in the app, then strike a pose and selfie away with it. These larger-than-life artworks are geo-tagged to specific locations across the world. Currently, they come out to play in landmarks like New York’s Central Park and Sydney Opera House, and will linger for a few weeks before migrating to new spots. Users can track their whereabouts on this site. But not everyone is happy about the AR art-vasion. Artist Sebastian Errazuriz has virtually vandalised the Balloon Dog installation in protest “against imminent AR corporate invasion”. Hunt down Graffitied Pooch in his upcoming app ARNYC ( — its geo-tags mirror Snapchat’s version.


beatbox 1

beatbos 2

This site allows you to create your own music by mixing sound effects, from vocals to instruments, and then have seven guys who will beatbox the music in sync, resulting in your own tune. You can DJ your track by replacing, muting, or emphasising your chosen sound effects. What’s amazing is that no matter what you do, the results always sound good. Wanna hear what others have been up to? Scroll through a list of top 50 user-created tunes. 

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