Find Out When The Cheapest Time To Travel Is

And a love story that’ll leave you on a sweet high.

Every week we scour the Internet for fascinating sites and entertaining videos for your entertainment. Movie buffs should be very excited for this week’s finds, as should readers bitten by the travel bug (who isn’t?). Our three video-finds will also make you think and laugh at the same time.

Air Time

Sex sells? Not always. This travel ad’s attempt at using the oldest trick in the ad book didn’t quite fly with viewers. To communicate the brand’s stripped down services, the ad paraded a posse of naked flight attendants with their sensitive bits strategically blocked with their stewardess’s caps. There’s also a male version featuring nude pilots, but that didn’t take off either. Bummer.

Soft Spot

This sugary-sweet ad hopes to remind us that recycling isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also good for lovers. This classic love story swaps humans with bottles of soda. Boy soda meets girl soda; they fall in love; he gets cold feet. But thanks to recycling, they end up rekindling their romance after numerous meetings at the recycling plant. We’ll drink to that.

Pork Chops

This is the three little pigs as you’ve never seen them. The reimagining of the fairy tale for British newspaper Guardian takes the form of a modern news story. The gritty drama shows the three porkers getting arrested for boiling the big bad wolf alive and put on trial to determine if they are victims or conniving insurance frauds. Maybe skip this as a bedtime story for the kids.


1408taste 1

1408 taste 2

This site recommends movies to you that you may not even realise you’d like. Build your profile on this Tinder for film buffs that matches movie to audience, based on personal preferences. All you have to do is rate a catalogue of films (the more, the merrier) on a scale from ‘awful’ to ‘amazing’ and the site will churn out suggestions from recent flicks to timeless classics. You can even compare matches with your buddies. You may or may not discover a reel guilty pleasure, or three.


1408 peak 1

1408 peak 2

Beat the holiday crowd and find out when the cheapest time to travel to various countries is — by dodging the respective peak seasons at 53 destinations — on this Expedia-backed site. Factors affecting travel cost, such as hotel rates and availability, weather forecasts and city-wide events, are distilled in an interactive graph. For instance, avoid travelling to New York from Sep 10 to 14 as the expected influx of 150K visitors due to NY Fashion Week translates to costlier hotel stays. Well, unless you’re an aspiring street style blogger or photographer. 


outline 1 1408 online

outline 3 1408

If you like reading about politics and culture, forget Facebook or Twitter, or dubious online news outlets. The Outline is a New York-based digital media company that gives you news and opinions focused on politics, business, culture and the future. These folks are so confident of their editorial quality, they forgo social media advertising for an organic readership. One of their pieces is about how "a popular healthy eating trend only works if you’re rich". About time someone said that. And have you seen its amazing aesthetics? The only drawback is that they don’t cover Singapore news.

Story Cheryl Ong, Weetee Neu & Ki'ern Tan

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