Find Out What You Missed Out In 2017 In This Video

Heard of the 'Adpocalypse'?

Quality entertainment never gets old. From our choice 2017 recap to hilarious ads, here are the funniest and most thought-provoking videos and websites to tide you through the week. 

The Right Chops

This recycling campaign reminds audiences of the importance of sorting their recyclables in the right order. To show that things just work better where they belong, they put a surgeon at a butcher’s and vice versa. It’s pretty hilarious watching the surgeon meticulously slice through a chunk of beef while the butcher callously wraps up a patient’s innards in butcher paper. Guess some might argue that surgeons are just glorified butchers. 

Stop, Rewind, Play

Not quite ready to leave 2017 behind? YouTube’s got your back. Their latest rewind video, which opens with an intro by talkshow host Stephen Colbert, is a seven-minute ode to all the best moments of last year and includes a plethora of pop culture references and memes like Salt Bae. 

Know Holds Barred

If you’re after an alternative lookback at the year that’s just passed, head to YouTube channel LEMMiNO. Famous for its documentary-style ‘Top 10’ series, the vids here are often imbued with the Swedish creator’s trademark dark humour and sardonic wit. Covering everything from Trump’s presidency to Shia LaBeouf’s controversial performance art project to YouTube’s ‘Adpocalypse’, this video is not just entertainment — it’s a reminder of the most culturally and politically important events of 2017.

Key Art

Ikea furniture does not discriminate, as this hilarious ad shows. A snooty aristocrat’s discovery of an Allen key in her palatial home sparks off an intense hunt for the culprit who dared to bring something from Ikea into her home. The best part is that you wouldn’t be able to tell which item it is until the camera zooms in on it, proving that Ikea stuff has so much potential in the right hands.

Tap In

This beer ad opens with an office worker sullenly congratulating his colleague on his promotion through gritted teeth. As he piles on the platitudes, another worker comes up behind him and pours herself a mug of his bitterness as if he were a keg of beer. If we could tap into all the bitterness in the workplace, we’d be drunk all the time. 

Just Hang On

Need some inspiration? This short speech by a retired Japanese professional tennis player, now immortalised as a meme, is the flash version of Rocky Balboa’s famous motivational conversation with his son. Now known as the Japanese Clam Fisherman, the persistence the ex-athlete displays while he’s fishing for Asiatic Clams in cold, cold water might just be the inspiration — and humour — you need to get through 2018.


lonley 1

lonley 2

lonley 3

#Foreveralone? You’re in good company. The Loneliness Project, created by a Toronto-based graphic designer to fight isolation and cultivate compassion, is a digital space that allows users to submit their anonymous confessions of loneliness. Think of it as a PostSecret for the lonely souls out there. Judging by the stories of not-so-sweet solitude collected on this site, loneliness can hit anyone — from a divorcee in her forties to a twenty-something with depression. Time to pick up the phone and call your parents/grandparents/siblings/bestie, maybe?

Long Live The Queen

queen 1

queen 2

This website by Warner Classics is dedicated to the legendary late opera singer, Maria Callas, and boy, is it befitting of the American soprano’s legacy. Draped in black and white and replete with beautiful pictures, sound narration and even music samples, everything you need to know about the diva can be found here. Even if opera is not your thing, the website is definitely charming enough to make the scrolls and clicks worthwhile. 

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