Find Out What People Anywhere In The World Are Doing RN - Without Even Stepping Out

Who needs to even go out anymore?

From the ultimate home tour to a new way to use Snapchat, kick back this weekend with these videos and internet gems.

Bug Off

A team of pest busters channel Maria von Trapp as they promise to rid your house of nasty critters. Created by students, this award-winning musical features five exterminators in matching hardhats singing and dancing to a reworked ‘My Favorite Things’ with lyrics about cockroaches and flies on a corpse. Almost makes you want pests in your house just so you can employ their services. 

Real Fake News

Against the backdrop of all the talk about fake news, this clip — a consolidation of about 200 TV station anchors in the US reading the same script — is rather haunting. What these news presenters are reading is really a script issued out by their big boss, Sinclair Broadcast Group, the largest TV operator in the US which owns these various networks. The script was among the ‘must-run’ commentaries that Sinclair occasionally issues to its stations, and this one was to warn against the proliferation of fake news and “members of the media [who] use their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control ‘exactly what people think’.” Creepy but cool. 

From A to Zedd

If you’ve ever wanted to feel the truest form of house envy, watch this. Music producer/DJ/one-time Selena Gomez fling Zedd takes us through his US$16mil (S$21mil) Los Angeles mansion a 9,400 sq ft (that’s about 10 five-room flats) ultra-modern bachelor pad that’s replete with indoor and outdoor gyms, numerous guest rooms with direct access to a pool, a jacuzzi, even a music studio, and… a Skittles machine. Oh, and it also has a magnificent view of Benedict Canyon in LA. No wonder Zedd has admitted that he never wants to leave his very indulgent abode.

Home Schooled

Want to make homework less of a drag? Easy. Get an iPad, says Apple. As a narrator solemnly reads Jack Prelutsky’s classic poem “Homework! Oh, Homework!”, a group of kids take on the week’s homework assignment — exploring gravity. Cue falling watermelons from bridges, bicycle stunts and trampolines, all of which are recorded on an iPad, of course. What we’d give to have had an iPad when we were still students.  

Tough Luck

When he isn’t busy baring his fangs in True Blood or beating up Nicole Kidman in Big Little Lies, Alexander Skarsgård is a Tumi-toting spy. Of course, the real hero in this ad isn’t Alexander, but the luggage as it survives getting squashed by a boat, getting tossed around in the back of a van, a camel ride through a sandstorm and more. The only thing is, nobody looks good lugging luggage. Not even the roguishly handsome Skarsgård.


map 1

map 2

map 3

You can now watch Snap Maps online. Just like Snapchat’s in-app version, users can zoom in anywhere on this site’s global map to watch Map Stories, or a collection of public snaps from the same location. You can also look at up-to-date Featured Stories which are curated by Snapchat’s news production team. For the map’s web version, Snap has removed usernames. But that doesn’t discount the fact that for Snap Map users, the whole Internet is now privy to what you’re up to.  

Ground hero

floor 1

floor 2

floor 3

Floor tiles are a perfect way to demonstrate creativity and beauty. Have your doubts? Each post on this Instagram account is a stunning tiled floor coupled with a ‘selfeet’. From mesmerising geometric designs to colourful canvasses that’ll brighten your day, the posts from all over the world proves that beauty can be found right under your feet. Or that you should really think twice about choosing tiles for your new home. 

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