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Been Air, Done That 

Nike makes an ode to air. While most sporting ads feature athletes doing their thing to thumping music, this new ad for Nike VaporMax Air sneakers goes back to basics with a breathy soundtrack of athletes gasping for air as they push their bodies to the max. It’s one way to make you appreciate every lungful.

Sweet Endings

Candy maker Snickers created a lifeline for failed Romeos who forgot to make dinner reservations on Valentine’s Day. Dubbed ‘The Valentine’s Day restaurant for the forgetful’, the campaign saved some lucky couples in London this year. A van, emblazoned with the question “Need a table for tonight?”, gave out reservations for a table for two at a pop-up restaurant called Oublié, which is really just a fancy sounding word that means forgotten in French. 

Lost and Found

Masked as an escape-room-style mystery game, this PSA invites viewers to piece together the mystery of a seemingly ransacked apartment belonging to a socialite. The clues — shattered mirrors, a large red stain on the carpet and cryptic notes — all seem to indicate one outcome, yet no one manages to solve the mystery correctly. See if you can crack the case. 

Can We Get The Bill?

Bill Gates probably doesn’t shop for his own groceries. Surprise, surprise. But what makes all of this fun for us plebs is watching the Microsoft mogul fail spectacularly in The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s game segment, ‘Bill’s Grocery Bills’, where he guesses the items of everyday items such as detergent and frozen food. Watch and see if you could beat Bill should you ever end up on The Price is Right together one day. 

Marvel At This 

Jeff Goldblum’s cosmic ruler the Grandmaster is a delight to watch in Thor: Ragnarok, but combined with Thor’s deadpan human friend Darryl (Daley Pearson), the duo is destined for comedy gold. This mockumentary short is a follow-up to Team Thor, where Darryl was first introduced as Thor’s roommate in Australia. Thor has since moved out (to fight Thanos?), leaving the Grandmaster to take his place. Marvel’s attempt at low-key, everyday life humour sure is a welcome change from all the bombastic action.

Calculate Life

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Welcome to the closest thing to a universal remote to control your life with. Omnicalculator consists of 381 (and counting) calculators that run the gamut from Fitness to Finance to Physics. In the fitness category alone, there are 20 number crunchers to help you determine your BMI, calories burned, and even target heart rate. Select ‘others’ for quirky options such as the Quit Smoking And Save Calculator, which estimates your potential savings should you quit the puff. Accurate or not? Only one way to find out.

Make it stick

hostile 1

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Hostile Design is British artist Stuart Semple’s campaign against design in public spaces that discriminate against certain groups in society, such as anti-homeless bars fitted onto benches. The creator hopes to put to end divisive design by encouraging the naming and shaming of its creators through its online archive. To get involved, buy a Design Crime sticker, paste it onto said offending item, and post a picture of it on Instagram with the hashtag #HostileDesign. To fight exclusion, Stuart and his supporters have set up Love Benches, which are benches decorated with covers and cushions to welcome sleepers. Here’s hoping that his idea will stick around for a bit. 


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