Explore Tel Aviv With Conan O'Brien

The talkshow host is like a fish out of water. Is it surprising?

This week is about going places - from visiting Tel Aviv with Conan O'Brien to reaching for self-confidence with Diesel.

Flaws and All

Diesel turns against the pursuit of perfection that drives so much of the advertising in high fashion. How? By flaunting imperfection with abandon. This gritty short film — set to Edith Piaf’s ‘No, I Regret Nothing’ — is an ode to unconventional beauty and features models with lazy eyes, braces, unibrows and lady ‘staches. Flaw-some.

Picture This

This HP ad may make you think twice about daddyhood. It opens with a family prepping for a new school term and zeroes in on a father and his indifferent tween daughter. While dad looks on lovingly, she is in full teen mode and brusquely shuts him out. We won’t spoil the ending, but let’s just say a picture paints a thousand words.

Show of Love

Natalie Portman is back hawking Miss Dior to show that love begins in the nose. Set to Sia’s ‘Chandelier’, the captivating new ad is a celebration of both the ups and downs of love and sees her running through a gamut of emotions as she navigates the prickly minefield. It ends with the actress provocatively asking: “And you, what would you do for love?” Not as much as her evidently.

Wave Starter

If you’re in need of motivation, watching these two boys start a Mexican wave in a stadium of 82,000 people may just be what you need. They fail at first, but with each try, the results get a little better. Nothing like knowing you’re the mastermind behind getting a stadium full of people to do your bidding.

The Israel Life

What happens when Conan O’Brien takes his show to Israel? This special sees the talk show host traipsing the streets to crash family picnics, getting free ice cream at Tel Aviv beaches — all while approaching heavy political issues with sensitivity and a healthy dose of acerbic wit.

Tunes Hopper

ss online frog 1

ss online frog 2

So you love Bee Gees and Kendrick Lamar, but can never figure out how the two genres can co-exist on the same playlist without sounding odd. Find out on Boil the Frog, a site that connects seemingly unconnected artists in 13 songs in as seamless a way as possible. Excuse us while we figure out how Kanye West and Taylor Swift are connected — their music, that is, not their tabloid-hogging feuds.


ss online ebay 1

ss online ebay 2

ss online ebay 3

Capitalism rears its kooky head in Instagram account EBayBae. This altar of hilarity rounds up the most ridiculously bizarre stuff for sale on eBay. Whether it’s a chicken nugget shaped fidget spinner (that’s more NSFW than Happy Meal-friendly), Gucci snorkel gear or a romper embellished with Kim Jong Un’s mug you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. The weirdest of the lot: A guy offering to permanently tattoo a company’s logo on himself for US$10,000. And you thought the items you stumble upon while trawling Carousell are absurd. 

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