Enjoy Good Fortune And Abundant Rewards At Wisma Atria

Redeem attractive shopping and F&B vouchers, limited edition red packets, and passes to creative craft workshops!

Celebrate Chinese New Year in style with a chic new wardrobe from Wisma Atria – the perfect place to pull together an auspicious look to complement the season. Best of all, there’s a wide diversity of clothing and accessory stores for men, women and kids, so the whole family can shop together in one central location.

For the ladies, pair your new dress with a luxe leather bag from Tory Burch or Coach, and don the latest makeup colours from Etude House and The Face Shop. Gentlemen, complement your smart ensemble with a dress watch from Tag Heuer or Emperor Watch & Jewellery. 

Send the kiddos over to Cotton On Kids and Seed Heritage where they will find a wide range of  trendy outfits.

web   seed heritage
Seed Heritage

The whole family can pamper their soles with casual or sporty kicks from multi-label shoe store, AW Lab.

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AW Lab

If you need a place to celebrate your reunion dinner or lo hei gatherings, book a table at newly-opened Paradise Dynasty which serves eight kinds of Xiao Long Baos, and other Sichuan favourites like Spicy Szechuan Crispy Chicken, Poached Sliced Fish in Szechuan Chilli Oil and handmade La Mian.  

web   paradise dynasty
Paradise Dynasty

Feel like tossing raw fish served Japanese-style? There’s the ever-popular Japan Food Town, featuring 16 casual dining eateries to satisfy all your Jappo food cravings! 

You can also head to an all-time favourite: Michelin star-awarded Din Tai Fung, ranked as one of the world’s Top Ten Best Restaurants by The New York Times.

din tai fung
Din Tai Fung

Shop and be rewarded
The more you spend this season, the more shopper rewards you enjoy. From attractive shopping and F&B vouchers to limited edition red packets, and passes to creative craft workshops, it’s time to spring into Wisma Atria for abundant rewards!

4 January – 3 February 2019 
Spend a minimum of $288 and receive a $10 Paradise Group voucher, $10 Seed Heritage voucher, $10 Food Republic voucher and a set of Wisma Atria red packets.​​​​​​​

28 January – 3 February
Spend $318 and receive a $10 Paradise Group voucher, $10 Seed Heritage voucher, $10 Food Republic voucher, a set of Wisma Atria red packets, and a craft workshop pass to any one of the following.

Redeem specially-designed red packets with a minimum spend of $288

Chinese Calligraphy (1 – 2pm, 4 – 5pm)
This beautiful art form blends Chinese wisdom and artistic heritage. It trains a person to be more careful, patient and focused. Visit this booth, have a go with the various brush techniques and compose a piece to take home as a souvenir.

web   calligraphy
Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Knots (12 – 1pm, 3 – 4pm)
A Chinese knot is usually tied from a single cord into a variety of shapes with varying complexity. The finished knot looks identical from the front and back. Give this art form a try, create a knot with a symbolic meaning for your family and loved ones.

web   knots
Chinese Knots

Chinese Paper Cutting (2 – 3pm, 5 – 6pm)
Paper cutting is a unique art form that has existed for thousands of years and is still used for decorative purposes, particularly during Chinese New Year. Its intricate design and creative use of negative spaces is limited only by the artist’s skill and imagination.

web   paper cutting
Chinese Paper Cutting

Seal Engraving (3 – 4pm, 6 – 7pm)
Seal engraving demonstrates the beauty of Chinese characters within a 5-inch square stamp. Discover the beauty of Chinese seal art and learn more about the gradual development of Chinese characters over the different dynasties till the present era.

web   seals
Seal Engraving

DIY Koi Making (4 – 5pm, 7 – 8pm)
The Koi fish, a brightly coloured freshwater fish can swim against currents and even travel upstream. This has caused people to believe that the fish has a powerful and energetic life force. Join this craft making session and design your own koi fish!

web   diy koi
DIY Koi Making

Terms & conditions: 
Workshops are conducted daily from 28 January – 3 February at L1 Indoor Event Space on a first-come-first-served basis.

Redemptions are first-come-first-served, while stocks last. All redemptions are limited to only 1 redemption per shopper, per day, while stocks last, with a maximum 3 combined same-day receipts. In the event if the receipts qualify for a higher tier value of the gifts, shopper can only redeem the higher gift tier.

Receipts from Mango, IORA, Franck Muller, Salon Vim, Gautier Stylish French Living, Uchino Mymy, Scanteak, Sony, Yann Beyrie Salon, Longines, World of Watches, Japan Food Town, Pop Up Sales Stores and all shops within Isetan Wisma Atria do not qualify for promotions, redemptions or lucky draws.

Other terms and conditions apply. Log on to Wisma Online for details.

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