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Dogs Are Allowed At This Yoga Studio — Bring Your Pup Along, Or Hang Out With Other Doggos If You Don't Have One

Doing the downward dog with your doggo? Yes, it’s paw-sible.

Dogs Are Allowed At This Yoga Studio — Bring Your Pup Along, Or Hang Out With Other Doggos If You Don't Have One

Pet owners in Singapore searching for fun activities to do with their doggos — besides the usual café hopping, pet-friendly staycations or even going to the office with you — oh boy, you're in luck.

Nestled in Tan Quee Lan Street is Puppy Yoga Singapore, a studio where your dogs can come along with you for a yoga class. Non-pet owners are also welcome to show up, sans pups, for a spot of yoga surrounded by furry friends.

Classes are run only on weekends, and each session is one-hour-long, with 45 minutes of yoga and 15 minutes of puppy play time allocated. There is a maximum capacity of eight to 10 people and four dogs per class. There are no resident dogs at the studio. “Anything more than four dogs can be stressful or difficult to manage,” founder Audrey Sin tells There is a separate Big Dogs class for medium to big dogs.

Classes are $35 for people not bringing dogs, and $25 for dog owners. “We do take into account the additional costs that pet owners have, such as transport to the location — GrabPet etc can be very expensive. Plus, dogs are a crucial part of the experience,” Audrey says.

What do the doggos get up to as the humans hold their downward dog and warrior poses? The pooches are free to roam in class to interact with other dogs and humans. While the furkids are not incorporated in any moves during class, Audrey reveals that some owners may do so and hold their doggos “as a ‘weight’, such as lifting them up, holding them. But it’s of their own choice and not cued by us.”

Of course, there are certain requirements for pups to be able to join the fun. Doggos have to be healthy, non-aggressive and have completed their vaccinations.

What if there are dogs who don’t get along? “The dogs that typically come to our classes are either very chill or sociable, so it’s okay!" Audrey says. "If they are really getting aggressive with each other, we will separate the dogs when we notice."

As you’d expect, toilet accidents do occur, though there's an assistant on standby to clean up immediately. “After all, it's very common for dogs to do so in a new environment, or if they are very excited to meet other dogs,” Audrey quips.

Puppy Yoga Singapore is at 9 Tan Quee Lan St. More info at
Photos: Puppy Yoga Singapore

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