A new immersive experiential exhibition to help you escape reality for a bit has just landed on our shores — and it’s one that will be a hit with kids and kidults who love the House of Mouse.

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‘Pop-Up Disney!’ is on from Nov 19 to Mar 20, 2022 at the Suntec Convention Centre. The sprawling 1,350 sqm space it takes up has been transformed into seven experiential rooms that provide endless photo opps.

Tickets go for $20 for kids (aged three to 12) and $25 for those over 12 years old. There’s also a $46 bundle deal which gets you two tickets and a $5 retail voucher. 

8 Days got a preview of Pop-Up Disney! and tell you want to expect at the exhibition.

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Like the pragmatic Singaporeans we are, let’s get logistics out of the way first. Each ticket will come with a stipulated time slot. Organisers say 10 visitors (in groups of two) will be allowed to enter every 10 minutes. Expect to spend an hour at the exhibition.
03 floor stickers

The seven rooms take you through Mickey Mouse’s adventures through his life, all the way from his formative years, so to speak.

The Pop-Up Disney! journey starts off on a sweet note with Mickey and Minnie’s Love room, where you’d probably zero in on a giant Minnie Mouse bow that’s been turned into a couch for that kitschy IG snap.

04 love room 1

Along the way, you'll go back in history to the Classic Mickey era, which will surely delight fans of monochrome and vintage Mickey alike.
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Among the seven rooms, you’ll probably be spending the most time in the fantastically whimsical Singapore-inspired room, Mickey Loves Singapore: Dreamland Carnival.
05 sg 1 data

It's conceptualised by local artist WhenIWasFour, who’s behind quirky local-inspired knick knacks like White Rabbit Sweet plushies. Here, it’s local nostalgia on steroids with a room full of playful Singapore-inspired motifs and surprises on every corner you turn.
07 sg 3
We’re talking giant Mickey ice gem biscuits, a Mickey hopscotch corner, and even an interactive colouring corner where you can display your masterpiece on a screen.
06 sg 2 data
Any fan of Instagrammable installations worth their salt should know by now: Follow the neon lights to find that IG-worthy moment. It’s no different here.
08 blue tunnel
Meander through the neon blue-lit tunnel to Sorcerer Mickey’s Magic room.
09 sorcerer

This is most likely to be what you’ll be seeing a lot of on your social media feeds: Enter Forever Mickey, where an infinite mirror room full of Mickey ears await.
10 mirror data

For visitors with a ticket, the Pop-Up Disney! trail starts and ends in a loop at the expansive retail store, more affectionately known as the Mickey Mart.
11 store

Those without tickets would be glad to know that the Mickey Mart is a non-ticketed zone that’s open to the general public. There’s heaps of official merch, but we’re guessing everyone will be zeroing in on the local-inspired doodads. Durian Mickey and Minnie, anyone? 
12 store 2

Photos: Kelvin Chia
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