Check Out The Cutest 3D Latte Art You've Ever Seen

Made by a Singaporean too!

Get inspired to quit smoking, make good art, and more with these week's internet finds.

Survival Guide

Is one of your New Year resolutions to quit the cancer stick? Here’s something to inspire you. This minute-long Irish PSA shows smokers lip-syncing to Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 anthem ‘I Will Survive’ as they resolutely put an end to their unhealthy relationship with cigarettes. 

Happy Together

Tinder uses evolution in this animated video to encourage users to swipe right. The ad takes us back to a simpler time before class divides and social conventions complicated romantic pairings. It posits that Tinder isn’t so much about casual hook-ups as it is about human connection. Um, okay.

Imagine This

Instagram doesn’t really need advertising, but this campaign isn’t really your average ad. Created entirely from the app’s Stories feature, the playful ad has a distinctly homemade feel and shows how a little imagination can turn even the most mundane objects like broccoli into something entertaining. 

Gun For This

Most of us will never get to hold an AK-47 (not that we’re complaining), but this video is an ode to the ingenuity of modern engineering. If you like 'how things work' videos, you'll love this succinct 3D animated clip about how the rifle is assembled to how it fires, buoyed by stylish animation paired with a choice soundtrack.

Nothing To Look at Here

Don't you just hate it when there's an accident on the road and the traffic grinds to a slow thanks to nosy onlookers? This German short film sees a group of friends passing by an accident and taking and posting selfies with scenes from the unfortunate event. But there's a twist at the end with a poignant moral of this story. We’re guessing Logan Paul didn’t watch this before he posted the video of his misadventures in a Japanese suicide forest that would spell the end of his YouTube career.


latte 1

latte 2

latte 3

There are many ways to espresso yourself. And 17-year-old Singaporean student Daphne Tan does it brew-tifully, one 3D latte art at a time. The cups of Joe on her Instagram feed are capped with aww-so-cute cartoon characters — from Snoopy to Stormtrooper (the froth is strong with this one), these are coffee creations which we love a latte.


elf 1

elf 2

If you’re bemoaning the Chinese New Year tunes already blasting in the malls and wishing it were still Christmas, here’s something to soothe that festive hangover. This interactive website, which tells an origin story of the festive season, is both beautiful and shocking. Turns out, the real hero isn’t Santa Claus, but an elf with a flute. We won’t spoil the story for you, but be prepared for trippy ride. The music and narration also reeks of the festive spirit, which means it’s perfect to cheer you up. 

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