Check Out How Many Days Despacito Took To Become YouTube's Most-Viewed

And what has it got to do with politicians and racial slurs?

You've heard the song. You've hummed to it. You've sang along. And don't lie, you've danced to it as well. Now find out what you never knew about the viral hit.

No. of days it took the ‘Despacito’ music video to become the most-viewed YouTube vid of all time. (It has 3.2 billion views at press time.) The title of the Latin viral hit single by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi may translate to ‘slowly’, but it's the fastest video to reach 3 billion views on YouTube (in 204 days!). It’s a milestone that previous record holder, Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’, took 853 days to achieve.

Increase in searches for Puerto Rico on travel booking website since the single dropped.

despacito girl

The age of Niana Guerrero, the Filipino star in the hugely popular viral video, ‘Hit That Despacito Dance’. In it, she dances to the catchy song every time she hears it played. Her infectious energy has garnered her social media fame, with over 1.5 mil YouTube subscribers and 5.2 mil Facebook likes.

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Politicians who have referenced ‘Despacito’. Most notably, the president of Venezuela used the track in July to urge voters to participate in the upcoming election and featured altered lyrics to suit his agenda.

No. of Justin Bieber performances of a ‘Despacito’ remix that has drawn backlash. He couldn’t remember the Spanish lyrics, so the Biebs formed nonsense sentences with words like ‘dorito’ and ‘burrito’ at a performance in NYC. Tsk tsk.

despacito bar

No. of drinks in La Factoria’s menu, the tapas bar and restaurant featured in ‘Despacito’. Yes, it’s a real cocktail bar in San Juan.

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