Chase Those Monday Blues Away With These Online Finds

Explore Sweden or a glimpse into the future, anyone?

Every week we scour the internet for fascinating sites (that sometimes prove really useful) and entertaining videos that will no doubt make you break more than a smile. Here’s this week’s interesting finds.


Fancy vacaying in a beech forest, a rocky island in the Stockholm Archipelago, or on a rugged cliff with a panoramic ocean view? Well, you can’t. All of the above are just fictitious listings on this site. It’s really a tourism campaign by a Swedish ad agency showcasing the Scandinavian nation’s beautiful landscape, disguised as Airbnb listings. The stunt, which invites users to “explore the freedom to roam”, leverages Sweden’s constitutional right of Allemansrätten — or the Right of Public Access — that allows everyone the freedom to roam the Swedish countryside. Better yet, below each bogus listing are actual Airbnb rentals in Sweden. So while you can’t actually rent an open roof bedroom on a rocky beach, you can opt for the next best thing — a stay at a cosy cottage with a sea view.

Blast to the future

Will genetically engineered ‘designer babies’ be the latest fad in 2053? Or will the average employee work less than 20 hours per week by 2099? Oh, we can only hope. Get more than a glimpse into the future, both near and far, on Future Timeline, a speculative timeline put together on the back of detailed research. Don’t think the predictions won’t come true — most of it is based on analysis of current trends in science, politics, and geology. Even if all you skeptics still want to take this site with a handful of salt, we can probably all agree that we want the prediction for 2300 to come true: that superhuman powers be made available to everyone, albeit the sooner, the better. Within our lifetime, preferably.


Okay, so you didn’t make it on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. But chances are, you’re a lot more well-off than most of the world’s population. Global Rich List, created by a creative agency to highlight poverty and raise funds for impoverished communities, estimates your financial ranking in the world based on your income or wealth. Thanks to this site, we now know that if we earn, say, $50k annually, we’re making in one year what it would take the average labourer in Indonesia 55 years to earn. Feeling richer yet?

Dead Ends

If you’re a Super Mario Bros fan, chances are, you’ve probably sent everybody’s favourite Italian plumber plummeting to his death countless times. But have you ever wondered what happens when Mario dies? Well, according to this video, he ends up in the Underworld of Mushroom Kingdom with corpses of his enemies, some of which have mutated into a new breed of monsters. There’s also a zombified Luigi who feeds on corpses to live. Yikes. You may wanna be extra careful before hurling Mario across crevices next time.

Costume Parade

To prove their point that “nothing’s gonna make you feel worse about your body than the bathing suits they make”, two plucky ladies let it all hang out as they model the latest trends in swimwear. There are the ones that make you look like cheese, the ones that give you “four complete butt cheeks”, and those that mould your love handles into “crescent rolls” and “frownie faces”. Guys have it easy. Well, except for the one with the hairy back.

Young Love

Kids say the darndest things in this adorable video when asked to describe love to an illustrator to sketch out. “Love feels like Sprite because it makes me tickle,” one boy says. Aww. Another describes it as a feeling in his intestines and one likens it to a hug. But we’re with the kid who describes love as “a lollipop with a scorpion inside it.”

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