Celebrate Christmas By Watching A Boys Choir Sing After Eating Ghost Peppers

Don't sweat over it.

Season's greetings! Regardless of whether you've been naughty or good, you're in for a treat. From a provocative bullying ad by Burger King to a very special choir performance, here's to staying in high spirits this Christmas and New Year.

Galactic Oddities

Even if you’re not a fan of Rick and Morty, it’s easy to understand how weird and icky this commercial is. The Plumbus was introduced in an episode of the hit series in 2015, but nobody knows what it is — except that it looks so wrong, it has generated its own memes and cult following. Enter this commercial for the newer, lighter Plumbus X. Is this a dig at the iPhone X? Who knows? But at least we now know what our friends from another dimension are getting for Christmas. 

Power Mum

Being a mum is hard work. Running after the kids, keeping the house clean, and running errands all take up so much energy. To honour them, Philips decided to harness Mum’s energy by attaching kinetically powered batteries to 
her shoes. They then used all that 
stored energy to power — wait for it — an entire neonatal ward. Kudos, mummies.

Getting Burgered

It sounds ridiculous to bully a burger. But what’s more ridiculous is how more people would stand up for a bullied burger than a bullied kid. This social experiment by Burger King sees a Whopper Jr and a high-school kid being picked on in full view of patrons. While some bystanders do step in to save the boy, more people cared about the smooshed burger than the kid.

Ready, set, act

America: Land of the free, home of make believe? According to this hilarious ad for Norwegian Air, the US is just one big Hollywood movie. It shows ‘extras’ on the US set holding their positions in various stereotypical scenarios while they wait for the flight to land. So who’s ready for their 15 seconds of fame?

Red Christmas

Watching a choir performance may be a Christmas tradition, but how do you make it better? By making the choir boys eat the hottest pepper in existence, according to YouTuber and ‘chili enthusiast’ Chili Klaus, who masterminded getting Denmark’s Herning Boys Choir to eat the notorious ghost pepper while performing ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’. The boys didn’t let Santa down — they completed the song, albeit with some coughs, tears, and possibly a great deal of anguish. A memorable Christmas for these lads, indeed.


apple 1

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apple 3

Forget Rotten Tomatoes. A rotten apple in a film keeps a movie buff away. If you’re one of those who can’t separate art from the artist, you may find this new site useful in the wake of the sexual harassment scandals of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner et al. Key in the name of a movie or TV show and the site, with a database of over 19,000 (!) names, sieves out the “Fresh Apples” from the “Rotten Apples” — it’s based on whether the title’s cast or crew is accused of sexual misconduct. For the latter, it links to news reports of those damning allegations. Spoiler alert: You’ll never look at Mad Men (tsk tsk, Matthew Weiner) the same way again. 

Protect The Uncontacted

save 1

save 2

There are over 100 uncontacted tribes around the world. While they play an important role in humankind’s diversity, they’re under the constant threat of genocide and getting their land stolen. This website by Survival, the only organisation in the world that champions tribal people’s rights, lets you learn more about these folks.But more importantly, you can take action by donating or simply by signing up to be a Survival member. Raising awareness could be the best Christmas gift you could give to these tribes. 

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