Apple has announced its latest range of iPhones to be launched soon, and of course it Netizens and Apple-philes alike got all excited. But over what?

Is it the fact that the tech giant will release a whopping four new iPhone 12 models — the iPhone 12, mini, Pro and Pro Max? Or perhaps you’re baulking at the prices (but will still camp online from Oct 16 to pre-order anyway)? Or maybe you’re all about the new features like the sleeker designs and improvements to the cameras? 

With all the hype over the tech giant’s latest announcement, where do you even start?

01a apple iphone 12 super retina xdr display 10132020
The iPhone 12 and mini in blue.

For starters, there are some similiarities among all four new models. All iPhone 12 models will have smooth and flat edges (above), rather than curved sides like their predecessors. They also come with 5G connectivity, edge-to-edge OLED displays, a new ceramic shield front cover, and the A14 chip, which the tech giant says is the fastest chip on a smartphone. The new models are also equipped with the new magnetic MagSafe connector, which allows for a better wireless charging experience.

However, the packaging for iPhone 12 models will be smaller and lighter… and it’s not entirely because of changes to the phones. The power adapter and EarPods headphones will not be in the box when you get one of the four new iPhone 12 models, though there will still be a USB-C to lightning cable included. Apple says this is part of their bid to “[reduce] carbon emissions and [avoid] having the mining and use of precious materials”.  

For a quick, non-techie summary of the new iPhone 12 range, scroll on.