A Website That Helps You Create The Ultimate Social Media Profile And A Picture-Perfect Life?

Sounds too good to be true.

This week, take a tour around the ultimate social media profile faking site, a star-studded food review with Jon Hamm, and more.

Would You Like A Pizza Me?

This is the most star-studded food review yet. In a nutshell, a pizza review guy in New York, who has plenty of followers on YouTube and Twitter, got a bunch of A-listers like Jeremy Renner and Jon Hamm on his show to promote their movie Tag. As the celebs eat the pizza, a girl walks past and recognises the host but not the rest of the main stars. It gets better when she’s invited to join in the review vid. You can’t script this kinda stuff… can you?

Out of touch

Technology is making condom companies go out of business. This futuristic personal protection ad laments the lack of intimacy in a technology-saturated age. It opens with a couple locked in embrace only to show that they’re both more interested in their mobile devices. It then moves to a scene with people lost in their own VR world. And we wonder why birthrates are dropping all over the world.  

Can You Handle Ze Truth?

Ze Frank, the beloved performance artist and Buzzfeed executive, is back with his True Facts series. In the vids, he explains everything you needed — and didn’t need — to know about animals, with wry observations and dark humour. This episode focuses on the anteaters, which “resembles a walking index finger with a mullet…and leg warmers,” he quips.  

Past & Present

R&B artist Aaliyah continues to make a statement from beyond the grave, thanks to MAC Cosmetics and i-D, a global fashion and culture platform, who have partnered up to create a tribute film for the late singer in line with the MAC Aaliyah collection. With help from her friends, fans, and family like Timbaland and Missy Elliott, the A to Z series explores the Aaliyah’s influences on fashion, music, dance and pop culture using archival footage and studio scenes. 

Trash Talk

This ad for Everybody.World, an ethical clothing company that makes clothes out of trash, is 100 per cent recycled, like their products. Shot on vintage Kodak film, the film’s patchy dialogue, reminding viewers that earth’s resources are precious, is actually an audio collage using pieced together snippets of different ’50s PSAs. Clever and sustainable, though we’re not so sure we’re ready to wear trash.

Know The Lingo


Localingual is a site that collates voice recordings from locals around the world and lets you listen to common phrases through simple navigation. The community-based site even lets users chip in with their own recordings, which inevitably results in a few memes and trolls. Don’t take our word for it. Just go explore the Japanese section. 



Sick of scrolling through Instagram and seeing others lead perfect lives? Now you can get that toned bod you didn’t work for and snag that sexy boyfriend that doesn’t exist. Lifefaker lets you buy ’grammable photos to fake a perfect Insta-life. As its tagline goes “Life isn’t perfect. Your profile should be.” Photo packages range from “Look What I Had For Lunch” to “My Weekend Was Amazing Thanks”. There are even user testimonials on the site. “Being able to pretend that I rode an elephant in Thailand has really helped my confidence,” says one. Yep, by now, you should have guessed that Lifefaker is, well, fake. The spoof site is the work of mental health start-up Sanctus to highlight how social media can wreak havoc on your mental health. “Buy” a package and you’re shown a PSA about how 62 per cent of people feel inadequate comparing their lives to others online. Guess certain local influencers should’ve stumbled on this site before Photoshopping themselves into stock images.

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