A Cheatsheet To Cheap Parking In Singapore

Take a screenshot of this page for the next time you’re wracking your brains over where to park in Singapore.

Is your cashcard balance depleting quicker than you can say "free parking"? Here are some hacks you may find useful.

#1: These are the cheapest places in Orchard to park at.

The Centrepoint: 
o   Mon to Sat: 7am-5pm: $1.50 for first hour, $1 for subsequent half hour.
o   After 5pm (Mon to Sat) and all of Sunday: $1.50 for first hour; $1 for subsequent hour.

Grange Road Off-Street and Angullia Park Off-Street:
o   Mon to Sat: $1.30/30 min from 7am to 11am; $1.50/30 min from 11am to 5pm. After 5pm, $0.80/30 mins
o   Sun: $0.70/30 min from 7am to 11am; $0.80/30 mins from 11am to 10.30pm

Far East Plaza:
o   Mon to Sat: 8am-5pm, $1.07 for first hour; $1.07 for subsequent half hour. After 5pm and all of Sunday, $3.53 per entry

#2: To save money, don’t go for the most obvious choice.

Instead of Marina Bay Sands, park at: Bayfront Avenue:
o   Mon to Fri: 7am-6pm: $2 per 30 mins. After 6pm: $1.20 per hour
o   Sat: 7am-1pm: $3 per hour. Aft 1pm: $1.20 per hour
o   Sun: $0.80 per 30 mins.

Instead of parking at Raffles City, park at: Capitol Piazza:
o   Mon to Fri: 11am-5.59pm: $2 for first hour, $0.40 for subsequent 15 mins; 6pm-10.59pm: $3 per entry
o   Sat and Sun: 11am Saturday-10.59am Monday: $2 for first two hours, $0.40 for subsequent 15 mins

#3: If you’re darting into the CBD for a quick meeting, you’ll need this list of the lowest hourly rates during office hours.

·        Icon Village: $1.61 per half hour (7am-5pm)
·        Far East Square: $2.14 per half hour (6am-4.59pm)
·        International Plaza: $2.20 per half hour (7am-5pm)
·        Clifford Centre: $5 per hour (7am-5pm)
·        Far Eastern Bank Building: $2.50 per half hour (7am-6pm)
·        Keck Seng Tower: $2.50 per half hour (8am-6pm)

#4: Free parking still exists in Singapore. Here’s where.

·        East Coast Park Car Parks B, C, D, F, G and H
·        IKEA Tampines
·        Mount Faber Park
·        The Grandstand
·        IMM Building (Parking is free for the first two hours, Mon to Fri, excluding public holidays)

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