8 Things To Know About The Biggest Carnival In Singapore Which Starts Next Weekend (Dec 15)

Exhilarating rides, gourmet food, carnival games, prizes, and performances included.

Remember the good ol' days of fun fairs with mini roller coasters, bumper cars, and pink candy floss? Now you get to relive the fun a hundredfold. The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, held at The Promontory and the Bayfront Event Space, boasts free admission for all across an area the size of three-and-a-half football fields. Featuring over 40 rides and carnival games stalls and 20 food vendors, get a head start on this one-of-a-kind event with eight interesting facts below. 

Update: The organisers have pushed back the opening date from Dec 8 to Dec 15.

carnival 1

1. Many of the rides are brought in from Europe, including the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. One invited 'ride-bringer' hails from Scotland and is part of an illustrious family who has been touring carnivals and supplying their famous rides for generations. Get to experience their roller coasters the Booster Maxx and Cyclone Coaster here in Singapore.

2. 55m: That's how many metres above ground rotating thrill ride The Booster Maxx will take you — and at a dizzying speed of 96km per hour. The UK ride comprises of gondolas on separate ends of a rotating beam, and will take you higher than the Supertrees in Gardens by the Bay.

carnival 2
The Booster Maxx

3. 67: How many shipping containers from around the world are docking in Singapore to supply 12 giant trailers and the 40 rides and games.

4. Three-and-a-half football fields. The entire size of the carnival - it's a fun fair on steroids. 

5. Eight four-room HDB flats. The space that the Cyclone Coaster will occupy. Adrenaline junkies, rejoice.

carnival 3
The Cyclone Coaster

6. 1,200,000: How many carnival prizes, including plush toys from Marvel and Pixar, are available for you to take home. Remedy for cuteness overload not included.

carnival 4
Big Mouth, one of the carnival game stalls.

7. At least four: Homegrown artists who will be performing at the carnival. They include pop funk artiste Falling Feathers, singer Kexin Tay, hip-hop rapper TheLionCityBoy and rising star Jasmine Sokko.

8. Over 20: No. of curated food vendors, selling everything from Lemongrass Chicken Rice Bowls to Buttery Popcorn, that will be present. Don't worry, everyone knows fun and food goes together. 

For more info, go to http://www.marinabaycarnival.sg.


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