6 Sites To Kickstart The Week

From repelling nude requests to finding out if your job is at risk of automation, here's your cure to boredom this week.

Every week we scour the Internet for fascinating sites (that sometimes prove really useful) and entertaining videos that will no doubt make you break more than a smile. Here’s this week’s interesting finds.

It’s a date

First dates are awkward, and if we could read between the lines, this is probably what the other party is really thinking. This video shows two people going through the motions as they meet for the first time. Instead of the usual social niceties, they say what they are actually thinking. The guy kicks things off saying, "Standard question about your life" and the girl replies, "Generic answer trying to hide my crazy." Sounds familiar?

Say your peace

This viral telecom ad has drawn both praise and flak for its stand against violent extremism. It opens with a suicide bomber and features actual footage of terror attacks and cameos from real victims. As he makes his way to his final destination, he is confronted by the ghosts of bombing victims who plead with him through song to "bomb delusion with the truth" instead.

More than words

The anonymity of the Internet makes it easy for anyone to be an armchair critic and attack someone else with harsh words. But doing it in person is a whole different matter as this video of a group of men struggling to read mean tweets about two female sportswriters shows. The takeaway? Don’t type what you won’t say to someone’s face.


No, it’s not a new word in the Merriam Webster Dictionary. Yet, ‘covfefe’, tweeted by POTUS Donald Trump, is already touted as the word of the year. In one hour following his tweet, it was Twitter’s number one trending topic.

The original tweet:

In six hours, Trump deleted his tweet and replaced it with: "Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’??? Enjoy!" While a Trump Twitter gaffe is certainly not, um, unpresidented, everyone from Hilary Clinton to Urban Dictionary has since hopped on the meme bandwagon to meme-fy his typo (or is it?) to rib-tickling results.

The memes:

i, Robot, Wants Your Job

Is it just us or are sites to help you find out if robots can replace you at your job becoming a dime a dozen? Yes, #thefearisreal. This Will Robots Take My Job site shows you not only the probability of Wall-E’s distant cousin stealing your rice bowl, but also good-to-know stats about median annual wage and the projected growth of your profession.

Just enter your occupation, then select the option closest to what you wake up for work every weekday. According to this site, accountants and cashiers "are doomed". Also good for job-hunting folks who are considering a mid-career switch.


The next time your Tinder match asks you to #sendnudes, send them a picture of a naked mole rat instead. That’s the idea behind Don’t Get Sextorted, created by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. It aims to fight the spike in sextortion, where scammers use sexual content of victims to blackmail them for money or favours.

Closer to home, cyber extortion cases, including sextortion, have also been on the rise, with a reported 132 incidents in the first half of 2014. In its PSA on sextortion, the site encourages users to send memes and gifs of naked mole rats instead of nudes. What better way to fight a rat than with a picture of their own kind, right?

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