6 Fascinating Internet Finds To Help You Get Through The Work Day

Bet you’re interested in a trippy spinning human sushi.

Every week we scour the internet for fascinating sites (that sometimes prove really useful) and entertaining videos that will no doubt make you break more than a smile. Here’s this week’s interesting finds.

Monster Ambition

site seeing monster sec

site seeing monster tree

Started from the bottom, now we here. Those Drake lyrics could very well be the tagline of The Monster Project. Started by a bunch of design grads, the creative project sees artists from around the world turning the doodles of elementary school kids into impressive illustrations. The kiddos are then presented with their versions of Miles, Sulleys and Randall Boggs brought to Pixar-worthy 3D life. By doing so, the project hopes to fire the kids’ imaginations and encourage them to hone their roar, we mean, raw talent.

Every Day We’re Muscling

site seeing muscle main

site seeing muscle secondary

There’s a wiki for everything, but this one helps you burn calories. Want to tone or stretch those muscles? Select from one of 20 different muscle groups on MuscleWiki and it’ll display related workouts that will help you attain those chiseled obliques or toned gams. The instructions for a particular exercise are clear and simple, and accompanied by a gif of an instructor’s demo. In addition to providing calories and macronutrients calculators, MuscleWIki also acts as a traditional wiki by providing information for the various muscle groups. Can you say all-in-one? If only it does the actual workout for you too. . .

Moodica Swings

moodica   sushi  1

moodica   mountain

If YouTube had a therapeutic meditative function, it might look and sound something like Moodica. Our newest favorite time-waster houses a collection of genre-defying videos that treats your brain to a quick getaway without you ever leaving your desk. Choose your current mood from 12 different categories like 'Amazing Nature' and 'Strangely Satisfying' or 'Exotic Travels' and get transported from your boring cubicle into another world.

Watch And Learn

According to this spoof PSA, binge-watching is an epidemic that’s “as dangerous as a curable STD”. To raise awareness, concerned celebs like Amy Poehler and Chris Pratt have put together a do’s and don’ts list to encourage TV addicts to binge-watch responsibly. It includes tips like staying hydrated, not alternating between TV shows, and uh, not binge-watching CNN ‘cos you’ll never finish. Duh.

Ruff Life

Fur-parents who are feeling a little guilty about leaving their pooches at home alone all day can now keep them entertained with a little TV designed especially for them. These specially created dog-focused programmes, with soothing music and happy images of other dogs bounding through wide-open fields, have actually been tested on dog focus groups (yes, seriously). Designed to relax/calm/stimulate bored pups, they’re even colour-corrected to suit a dog’s vision. Um, okay.

Clean Up Crew

Dogs get a bad rep for being messy, drooling balls of fluff, though not always unfairly. However, this pooch is determined to change that. Puzzled at how their robot vacuum turns itself on whenever they’re out, this dog’s owner sets up a camera. Turns out, Fido’s a bit of a clean freak. Whenever its owners leave, the dog takes it upon himself to keep the house spick and span by turning the vacuum on with his nose. Repeatedly. Where do we get one? The dog, we mean.



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