5 Wedding Scenes That Will Make You Cry More Than Crazy Rich Asians

One of them was actually filmed in Singapore. 

It’s been three weeks and people still can’t get enough of Crazy Rich Asians. Proof: The film just topped the US box office for the third week running and gave Hollywood its biggest Labour Day weekend run in 11 years.

 Since the most common response to watching it is “I cried”, we can only conclude that the world, cynical as it is, loves a good romantic tearjerker. In that spirit, here are five emo moments from weddings that will have you reaching for the tissues more than you did at Colin and Araminta’s nuptials.

 Warning: You probably don’t want to watch these on the MRT.

 #1: Family guys

What could be sweeter than the chaps in a family banding together to take care of a bride who’s lost her dad?  

#2: Thanks for nothing

Okay, we know this is a made-in-Singapore ad. But the emotions it elicits are so darn authentic, we reckon it should be called Crazy-Real Asians.

 #3: Big boys do cry

Watching a big, burly guy weep while he’s singing is strangely touching.

#4: She raised him up

Break out a fresh box of tissues for this video because it doesn’t get tearier than this.

#5: Singing Tom

Tom Fletcher’s wedding speech shows him to be the kind of guy every girl wants to take home to her mother.

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