10 Ways To Experience A Game Of Thrones Filming Site

And other WWW finds to help you get through hump-day.

Every week we scour the Internet for fascinating sites (that sometimes prove really useful) and entertaining videos that will no doubt make you break more than a smile. Here’s this week’s finds.

 Forget Me Not

One of the easiest ways to memorise facts is to set it to music. To help Egyptians remember the names of their own national soccer team after a six-year absence from competitive play, Coke changed the words to ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ to include the team’s line-up. The results are both ingenious and hilarious. Maybe we should do that for the Singapore Lions too.

Can or Cannot

This ad for the Paralympics will make you think twice before saying you can’t do anything. Set to a jaunty swing soundtrack, the three-minute musical is a celebratory affair involving more than 140 handi-capable people pushing themselves beyond their so-called disability by playing in bands, dancing, rock-climbing and racing cars. Inspiring stuff.

Wood Stop

Game of Thrones fans, here’s one for the bucket list. When a centuries-old avenue of trees, where GoT had been filmed, was felled in a storm, the tourism board of Ireland made the best of the calamity by upcycling the fallen wood into 10 bespoke doors. Each door depicts an episode from Season 6, and has been installed at local pubs as part of a pub-crawl spanning the length and breadth of the country. That’s one way to recycle.


The Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) has started a #ImOnYourTeam campaign putting guys in the spotlight. Yes, you read right. To raise breast cancer awareness, the #ImOnYourTeam campaign is encouraging men to support women in their fight against the disease. After all, breast cancer doesn’t just affect the patients, but also their husbands, fathers, sons, friends and loved ones. As the No. 1 cancer killer in Singapore, breast cancer affects one in 11 women here. This digital campaign aims to raise 2,000 pledges from men to encourage the women in their lives to conduct regular breast self-examinations and to go for mammograms. Pledge your support by posting a photo or video of an important woman in your life, take the pledge, and caption it with the hashtags #ImOnYourTeam and #BCFSG. Spread the word and keep the ball rolling by tagging your friends to do the same.


Here’s what happens in one Internet minute: There are over four million Facebook likes, more than 400,000 new tweets and about 18,000 matches on Tinder. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This site details the growth of various online platforms and apps, from the number of articles bookmarked on Pinterest to Pokemon Go downloads per second.

Go Unsplash

Sites that provide free stock photos are a dime a dozen, but very few house curated images that are both stunning and unique. Photographers — amateurs and pros — submit their works to Unsplash, resulting in a marvellous collection ranging from hipster (pix reminiscent of stills from an indie flick) to majestic (castles and waterfalls). Minimalistic in design and ads, Unsplash is a delight to browse. You can also look for photo according to themes like fantasy or Father’s Day.

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