Wonder Woman 1984 Review: Gal Gadot Is Stunning But The Superhero Sequel Is A Lacklustre Spectacle

The sequel have its moments but it's no Amazon prime.

Wonder Woman 1984 (PG)

Starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal

Directed by Patty Jenkins

Amazon warrior princess Diana (Gal Gadot, imbuing the role with grace and gusto — but you know that already) returns to the big screen (or stream for some folks) in her sophomore solo adventure which revolves around a wish-granting mystical artifact. The magic rock resurrects Diana’s first love Steve Trevor (Chris Pine, offering some comic relief as the male Lois Lane) from the dead; turns a shady businessman turns into a hammy megalomaniac (Pedro Pascal, channelling Donald Trump by way of Nicolas Cage); and helps a bookish scientist (Kristen Wiig, a casting oddity that sounds like a good idea but isn’t) tap into her inner (sexy) beast. And the whole world is thrown into chaos. Now that Wonder Woman 1984 — again helmed by Patty Jenkins — is finally here, why does it feel that the anticipation is more exciting than the actual movie? Save for a flashback sequence set on Themyscira (the Amazonian Olympics should have its own TV game show spin-off) and a Raiders of the Lost Ark-esque vehicular melee, the 1980s-set sequel chugs along in neutral gear. Which isn’t an issue if the movie had not been 30 minutes too long. The ending underwhelms too: a visually murky CG scuffle that reminds us of everything s***ty about Cats. If you’ve seen your fair share of superhero movies, it’s hard to be impressed by the SPFX and action; the things that matter the most are the poignant moments between Diana and Steve. Well, that, and Diana’s speech at the end where she appeals to the better angels of our nature. It’s the kind of Christmassy pep talk we need right now. (***)

Photo: TPG News/Click Photos


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