Watch Four Minutes Of #Alive, The Next Korean Zombie Blockbuster

Starring Yoo Ah-In and Park Shin-Hye, the movie premieres Sept 8 on Netflix.

Good news for folks who were either disappointed by Train to Busan: Peninsula or can’t get enough of zombie mayhem (or both), there’s #Alive to look forward to.

A smash in South Korea back in June, #Alive stars Yoo Ah-In (Burning) as a slacker who’s cooped up at home, unaware that a zombie virus is spreading throughout the city, turning everyone into the walking dead. Isolated without Internet, he gets his intel from TV news and what he can see from his apartment window.

But the dude isn’t alone. Together with his neighbour (Memories of the Alhambra’s Park Shin-Hye), they have to MacGyver their way to safety.

To whet your appetite, Netflix dropped a four-minute preview of #Alive to give you an idea of how deep the doodoo our protagonists are in.

 alive poster data

#Alive will be available on Netflix from Sept 8.

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