Trailer Watch: Steve Carell Runs A New Office In The Workplace Comedy Space Force

It's like 'The Office' in space.

Tom Cruise isn’t the only one planning to go the space.

Steve Carell, too, has his eyes on the void above. Actually, it’s more like he’s playing a character who has eyes on the void above — in Space Force, the new Netflix series Carell co-created with his The Office collaborator Greg Daniels. 

The streaming giant just dropped the trailer for Space Force, which has been described as “a workplace comedy where the stakes are sky high and the ambitious even higher”. The 10-part series also stars Lisa Kudrow, John Malkovich, Jimmy O Yang and Jane Lynch.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“A decorated pilot with dreams of running the Air Force, four-star general Mark R. Naird (Steve Carell) is thrown for a loop when he finds himself tapped to lead the newly formed sixth branch of the US Armed Forces: Space Force. 

"Skeptical but dedicated, Mark uproots his family and moves to a remote base in Colorado where he and a colorful team of scientists and 'Spacemen' are tasked by the White House with getting American boots on the moon (again) in a hurry and achieving total space dominance."

By the way, there is an actual Space Force.  According to Space Force's production notes, Carell and Daniel got the idea for the show from Netflix. So where did Netflix get the idea? 

Were they inspired by Trump? Or is the whole thing a cosmic coincidence? It’ll be interesting to hear  what the real Space Force folks have to say when the show drops on May 29.  

Photo: Netflix


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