Trailer Watch: Song Ji-Hyo Is Overwhelmed By Man Trouble In New Netflix Rom-Com, Was It Love?

The rom-com hits Netflix on July 8.

What happens when four men waltz into the life of a single mum at the same time. She’ll probably go, “It's raining men, hallelujah!”

That’s the premise of the new Netflix Korean rom-com, Was it Love?, starring Running Man’s Song Ji-Hyo. Here’s the official synopsis:

Noh Ae-Jeong (Song Ji-Hyo) is a movie producer and single mom of 14 years. Her life is turned upside down when four men walk into her life at the same time. Her daughter, Noh Ha-Nee (Um Chae-Young), is determined to figure out which of the four men is her biological father.

First up is Noh Ae Jung’s ex-boyfriend Oh Dae-O (Son Ho-Jun), a bestselling novelist with the pen name Cheon Eok-Man, whom Ha-nee describes as being a bit off putting. Second is A-list actor Ryu Jin (Song Jong-Ho) who is seemingly perfect in every way, but hides a different kind of appeal behind his movie-star persona. Next is Oh Yeon-woo (Koo Ja-Sung) who is Ha-Nee’s teacher and lives with Noh Ae-Jeong’s family.

Ae-Jeong’s mother likes him the most. Last but not least, Koo Pa-Do (Kim Min-Jun) is a “scary but sexy” former gangster who is an investor for Ae-Jeong’s film and is the father of Ha-Nee’s best friend Koo Dong-Chan (Yoon Sung-woo).

Looks like there’ll be some competition though because actress Joo A-Rin (Kim Da-Som) is described as Ae-Jeong’s rival in love. Which of the four men could be Ha-Nee’s father?  

Sounds very complicated, very Mamma Mia!   

The 16-episode series drops July 8, with new eps on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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