Trailer Watch: Lee Seung-Gi And Jasper Liu Embark On Bromantic Road Trip Across Asia In New Travelogue Twogether

Remember what it was like to travel in the pre-COVID-19 days?

Let’s face it, there is a good chance the world will be, if it is not already, very different when the COVID-19 pandemic is over, and we aren’t sure how the rules of leisure travel will play out.  

So until things settle down, we’ll just have to satisfy our wanderlust vicariously through travelogues, like Netflix’s Twogether (very cute), starring Korean actor Lee Seung-Gi and Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu.

On the show, Seung-Gi and Jasper will visit Indonesia’s Yogyakarta and Bali, Thailand’s Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Nepal’s Pokhara and Kathmandu, and Seoul. At each destination, they'll bond and banter, meet fans and engage in assorted activities from paragliding to yoga to cliff-diving.

The eight-part series will premiere on Netflix on June 26.


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