Trailer Watch: Hugh Jackman Searches For Lost Memories In Sci-Fi Thriller Reminiscence

The movie also stars Rebecca Ferguson, Thandie Newton and Daniel Wu.

In the upcoming sci-fi thriller Reminiscence, Hugh Jackman plays a private investigator, and not just any private investigator, but the private investigator of the mind. A what? Yes, that’s a thing. In the future.

Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy wrote, directed and co-produced Reminiscence which follows Jackman’s character as he tries to help clients access lost memories. After one of the clients, Mae (Rebecca Ferguson — The Greatest Showman reunion alert!) disappears, Bannister uncovers a violent conspiracy.

In the just-released trailer, we learn that because the world has gone to shit (rising sea levels, wars) and “there wasn’t a lot to look forward to, so people began looking back,” says Bannister in the voiceover. “Nothing is more addictive than the past.” And addiction is a destructive force.

Judging from the preview, Reminiscence has the look and feel of a Christopher Nolan mind-shagging epic where nothing is what it appears to be. (FYI: Joy is married to Jonathan Nolan, Chris’ younger brother; Jackman worked with the Nolans on The Prestige.) Given its scale and scope, the movie begs to be seen on the big screen. 

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The movie, which opens in Singapore cinemas on Aug 18, also stars Daniel Wu, Cliff Curtis, Roma’s Marina de Tavira, and Westworld alums Thandie Newton and Angela Sarafyan.

Photo: Warner Bros


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