Trailer Watch: Gal Gadot Rides Lightning In Wonder Woman 1984

The movie opens in cinemas June 4, 2020.

Welcome to the future… that is 1984.

Warner Bros Pictures just dropped the first official trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, which if you haven’t already guessed from the title, is set in — wait for it —1984. (Her first movie took place during WWI.) 

In the two-and-a-minute trailer for the Patty Jenkins-directed movie, set to New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’, we catch glimpses of the Amazonian princess (again played by Gal Gadot) in action inside a shopping mall and what appears to be the White House.   

We also see Diana Prince reunited with her isn’t-he-supposed-to-be-dead boyfriend Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), and appearances of Wonder Woman's new nemeses, Kristin Wiig’s Cheetah and Pedro Pascal Maxwell Lord.

The trailer also squeezes in flashback sequences to Diana’s younger days on Themyscira as well as some pretty wild action sequences involving her jumping from a flipped-over army truck and her swinging from one lightning to another with her Lasso of Truth. Don't try that at home, kids. 

Wonder Woman 1984 opens here June 4, 2020.


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