Trailer Watch: DC FanDome Debuts More New Footage From The Snyder Cut Of Justice League

The director’s cut of ‘Justice League’ will be out next year as four one-hour instalments on HBO Max.

Director Zack Snyder unveiled a teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated Snyder Cut of Justice League during the DC FanDome virtual convention yesterday (Aug 22).

The almost three-minute trailer, set to Leonard Cohen’s haunting cover of ‘Hallelujah’, shows a much darker tone than the theatrical version, which Joss Whedon completed in post-production after Snyder stepped away due to a family tragedy.

The preview offers fans a better glimpse of the main villain Darkseid. Elsewhere, Snyder said Justice League 2.0 will beef up The Flash and Cyborg’s storylines.

The Snyder Cut of Justice League will premiere on HBO Max next year in four, one-hour segments, as well as having an option to view it as an uninterrupted four-hour movie. Snyder said he’s working on an international distribution plan to release the movie for fans who don’t have access to the streaming service.

Other highlights of the DC FanDome include sneak peeks of the costumes in The Flash and the Dwayne Johnson-starring Black Adam, and the main official trailer of Wonder Woman 1984, opening in cinemas here Oct 1.

Day One of the two-day DC FanDome largely centred on the upcoming movies based on DC Comics properties. The more TV-centric second day will be held on Sept 13 (Singapore time). For more details on DC FanDome, click here.

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