Trailer Watch: Andy Lau And Sean Lau Play Frenemies In Explosive Thriller Shock Wave 2

It's the Laus's first movie together since 2002's 'Fai Choi Spirit'. Yes, it's been that long.

It’s the clash of the Laus — Andy Lau vs Sean Lau!  

In the original Shock Wave, released in 2017, Andy starred as a bomb disposal specialist who’s up against a serial bomber threatening to blow up Hongkong’s Cross-Harbour Tunnel. 

Even Andy’s character didn’t make it to the end credits, that didn't stop the producers — Andy is one of them — from making another. 

In Shock Wave 2, Andy returns to play yet another bomb disposal specialist. This time, he’s accused of being a terrorist. The problem is, he suffers from amnesia after a work accident. The only person who can clear his name is a colleague, played by Sean Lau. But the two appear to hate each other's guts. 

Expect lots of explosions, including the destruction of the Hong Kong International Airport by a nuclear bomb.

The cast also includes Ni Ni. Shock Wave 2 marks the first time Andy and Sean working together since Johnnie To and Wai Ka Fai’s 2002 festive comedy Fai Choi Spirit. They also paired up in 1999’s Running Out of Time.

Shock Wave 2, again directed by Herman Yau, is slated open in December, just in time for Christmas. 

Photo: TPG news/Click Photos 


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