The Cursed Lesson Review: Yoga Can Be Murder In K-Horror That’s More Baffling Than Scary

Yoga can be hell for some, but this movie is much worse.

The Cursed Lesson (R21)

Starring Lee Chae-Young, Jo Jung-Min, Choi Cheol-Ho

Directed by Kim Ji-Han & Juhn Jai-Hong

Muddled and light on genuine scares, this South Korean horror is about an ageing fashion model (Lee Chae-Young) who joins a secretive health club — housed in a remote coastal facility that looks more like a James Bond villain’s underground lair — that promises to restore her youthfulness through yoga and meditation. Or something like that. Actually I’m not sure how the whole thing works but it involves a snake cult (based on the folklore of the Serpent Cave of Gimnyeong — quick Google it!) and some R21-worthy Cirque du solei-style coitus. Meanwhile, the cops are investigating a grisly murder linked to the yoga studio, but they seem to take forever to piece the clues together. And when they finally do, nothing makes friggin’ sense. Alas, all the creepy groundwork laid out in the beginning is for nothing. (**)

Photo: Clover Films


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