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Super Bowl 2020 Movie Ads — From Black Widow To Fast & Furious 9 To Top Gun: Maverick

Hollywood studios reportedly paid US$5.6 million for each 30-sec spot.

Super Bowl 2020 Movie Ads — From Black Widow To Fast & Furious 9 To Top Gun: Maverick

The Super Bowl is usually that time of the year Hollywood studios cough up tons of money to buy TV spots during the most-watched live TV event of in the US. (The average audience in 2019 was 16.5 million). But lately, rising costs have deterred them from splurging on the Big Game. According to Hollywood Reporter, a 30-sec spot airing during this year’s Super Bowl cost US$5.6 million, up from last year’s US$5.2 million. One wonders, why waste money on the TV spots when they can drop the promos cheaply on social media. Still, there were big spenders willing to part good money for these spots…

Sonic the Hedgehog (Feb 20)

The blue-furred speed freak gets a ringing endorsement from four top American athletes but is that enough to beat the Curse of the Video Game Movie?

The Invisible Man (Mar 5)

The TV spot for the latest Blumhouse horror-fest cost more than the movie itself. The average Blumhouse production budget is US$5 million (S$7.66 mil). How much a 30-sec spot during the Super Bowl cost? US$5.6 mil. Now, that’s scary.

A Quiet Place Part II (Mar 19)

John Krasinski lives! But only in the flashback sequence to the sequel to his 2018 monster jam.

Mulan (Mar 26)

Action-heavy trailer featuring more face-off time between Liu Yifei’s Mulan and Gong Li’s evil shape-shifting witch.

No Time to Die (Apr 9)

“The 25th film will change everything,” says the spot. Because, according to the voiceover by Christoph Waltz’s villainous Ernst Stavro Blofeld, “When her secret finds its way out, it will be the death of him.” Are they’re going to kill off James Bond?

Black Widow (Apr 30)

Two trailers in, does this TV spot still excite us about Natasha Romanoff’s solo movie? Not really. Maybe the extra footage of the Taskmaster will do the trick.

Fast & Furious 9 (May 21)

​​​​​​​It’s pretty much the same
spoilerific trailer — Han! — they released a few days before, except it’s shorter. Hope this is money well spent.

Top Gun: Maverick (Jun 25)

It looks like Maverick’s past returns to haunt him: Miles Teller’s Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw blames the death of his father, Goose, Maverick’s wingman, on Maverick.

Minions 2: The Rise of Gru (Jun 11)

Bello, the Minions are back! This 30-sec spot for Gru’s origin story is just an appetiser for the official trailer dropping on Thursday.

Marvel Studios’ Disney+ Promo

Okay, this isn’t a teaser for a movie but a TV show, no, make that three TV shows. It offers a first look at The Falcon and Winter Solider (the Shield!), WandaVision (they’re together again!), and Loki (er, Loki!). Looks promising.

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