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Stuff To Watch This Week (July 11-17, 2022)

Are you ready for another season of FBoy Island
Stuff To Watch This Week (July 11-17, 2022)

Your World In Mine

Family drama following the struggles of a couple (Huang Bireng and Yao Wenlong) with an adult son (Richie Koh) with special needs. Hong Ling and Zong Zijie co-star as their other children.  

Watch it on: meWATCH Prime, Mon; free on meWATCH and Channel 8, from July 18, 9pm

Ms Marvel

Season finale! Can Kamala (Iman Vellani) stop the Djinns from opening up the Veil of Noor? And how does this connect to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe where Kamala is expected to turn up in next year’s The Marvels?

Watch it on: Disney+, Wed

Photo: Disney+


Resident Evil

Eight-episode spin-off of the video game franchise set in 2036 where the world is overrun by zombies infected with the T-Virus. (Thanks a lot, Umbrella Corporation!)  Stars Lance Reddick (Fringe) and Ella Balinksa (Charlie’s Angels).

Watch it on: Netflix, Thur

Photos: Marcos Cruz/Netflix

FBoy Island, Season 2

Netflix has Too Hard to Handle, HBO Go has this. The tropical isle-set dating series returns with another group of three women looking for Mr Right from a pool of 26 men — half of them are ‘Nice Guys’ looking for love, the other half are ‘FBoys’ lusting after the moolah (and other, ahem, benefits). With Nikki Glaser as host.

Watch it on: HBO Go, Thur

Photo: HBO Go


Period rom-com adapted from Jane Austen’s last completed novel, with Dakota Johnson as a young woman who meets a former suitor (Cosmo Jarvis) whom she was persuaded not to marry because he didn’t come from money. Will they hook up again? Or will she settle down with Henry Golding’s scheming admirer? Maybe she should try FBoy Island? Just saying.

Watch it on: Netflix, Fri  

Photos: Nick Wall/Netflix

Becoming Witch

Lee Yu-Ri, Lee Min-Young and Yoon So-Yi play three friends — a housewife with a cheating husband, a daughter-in-law in a chaebol family, and a widow living off her dead spouse’s insurance policy — who become unlikely partners in crime.

Watch it on: One (Singtel TV Ch 513, StarHub Ch 823), Sun, 8.30pm

Photo: One

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me

Ten-part rom-com starring Han Ji-Hyo as an aspiring songwriter who stumbles upon a magic lyrics notebook that makes love come true for the writer. Can the book help her find Mr Right? Alternately, she can sign up for FBoy Island. Just saying.

Watch it on: Viu, Sat

Photo: Viu

The Rehearsal

Part social experiment, part mockumentary, this HBO series follows Nathan Fielder (Nathan for You) as he helps regular folks prepare for life’s biggest moments by “rehearsing” them in carefully crafted simulations using sets, actors, scripts, the whole nine yards. Naturally, nothing goes according to plan.

Watch it on: HBO Go, Sat

Photo: HBO Go

Mom, Don't Do That!


Eight-part Taiwanese dramedy starring Billie as a 60-year-old single mother looking for love through online dating much to her daughter’s (Alyssa Chia and Ko Chia Yen chagrin. The cast includes Wu Kang Ren and the late Lung Shao Hua.

Watch it on: Netflix, Fri

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