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Stuff To Watch This Week (Feb 20-26, 2023)

The K-fantasy series Island returns this week…
Stuff To Watch This Week (Feb 20-26, 2023)

Chat with the Stars

Pick up health and fitness tips from celebs (shouldn’t you be getting them from, you know, a doctor?) in this four-part chat show — the first to be simulcast on Facebook and radio — hosted by Mark Lee and LOVE 972 presenter Chua Lee Lian. Episode 1 looks at diabetes and tips for a good night’s sleep, with guests Minister of Health Ong Ye Kung and Zoe Tay.

Watch it on: LOVE 972 Facebook, Tue, 10pm

The Reunion

Lee Teng invites Hong Huifang, Lina Ng, Rayson Tan, Christopher Lee and Carol Lin to reminisce about their 1997 WWII drama The Price of Peace. What? No James Lye? Can I have a word with the commissioner?  Do you know many shows on meWATCH have ‘Reunion’ in their titles? Can we put a moratorium on that word?).

Watch it on: meWATCH & Channel 8, Tue, 8pm

Call It Love

The 16-part K-drama tells the unlikely love story between a woman (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo’s Lee Sung-Kyung) and her late father’s mistress’ son (Somebody’s Kim Young-Kwang). Don’t worry: They aren’t related by blood… for now. Singapore gets name-checked in the first two episodes. Cheap thrills.

Watch it on: Disney+, Wed

Photo: Disney+


Jinny’s Kitchen

A spin-off of Youn’s Kitchen (starring Minari’s Oscar winner Youn Yuh-Jung), Jinny’s Kitchen sees a group of celebs — including actors Jung Yu-Mi, Park Seo-Jun, Choi Woo-Shik, Lee Seo-Jin and BTS’s V — running a Korean restaurant in Bacalar, Mexico.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime Video, Fri

Island, Part 2

The remaining six episodes of Season 1 will see more of Sung Joon’s Gungtan — the brother of Kim Nam-Gil’s Van — wreaking havoc on Earth. (Pssst, Sung Joon is in Call it Love as well.) So what are the other demon-slaying Van, Miho (Lee Da-Hee) and Yohan (Cha Eun-Woo) going to do about it? Watch our interview with the cast who reveal the challenges of filming on Jeju Island.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime Video, Fri

Photo: TVING/Amazon Prime Video



The Reluctant Traveller with Eugene Levy

Actors are like nomads— they move around, going where the productions take them. Travelling is in their DNA. So, it’s hard to believe that the Emmy-winning star of Schitt’s Creek isn’t a big fan of travelling. He’s the type who’d rather stay in the hotel and hang out by the pool than venture out and take a look-see. In this eight-part travelogue, Levy visits Finland, Costa Rica, Venice, Utah, Maldives, South Africa, Lisbon and Tokyo, and discover new things he would otherwise miss (the people, sights, food) if he’d just stayed in his room. Think An Idiot Abroad but without idiocy and grumpiness. Watch our interview with Levy:


Watch it on: Apple TV+, Fri

Photo: Apple TV+

We Have a Ghost

Christopher Landon, the director of Happy Death Day and Freaky, is behind this horror-com about a family who moves into a haunted house (David Harbour as the resident ghost) and becomes an internet sensation. Things then get complicated when the CIA wants a piece of the phantasm as well. Also stars Anthony Mackie, Tig Notaro, and Jennifer Coolidge.  

Watch it on: Netflix, Fri

Photo: Netflix


Vincent Cassell and Eva Green star in this six-part thriller as agents — and former lovers — who must team up to thwart a series of cyberattacks in the UK. But can they put their turbulent past behind for the common good?

Watch it on: Apple TV+, Fri

Photo: Apple TV+



Teluh Darah

Supernatural thriller, from Indonesian master of horror Kimo Stamboei, about two young people and  how their families are ruined by black magic.

Watch it on: Disney+. Sat

Photo: Disney+

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