Songbird Review: There Is No Vaccine For Boredom In The Michael Bay-Produced Pandemic Thriller

Warning: You’re not going to find any relief from COVID-19 fatigue here.

Songbird (PG13)

Starring KJ Apa, Sofia Carson, Craig Robinson, Demi Moore

Directed by Adam Mason

Set in in 2024 — when COVID-19 has mutated into a more lethal, more contagious COVID-23 strain — Songbird follows KJ Apa’s virus-immune courier Nico as he races against time to rescue his girlfriend (Sofia Carson), who may or may not be infected (or asymptotic), from being herded to slum-like “Q Zones”. First, he has to procure a bootleg immunity bracelet — the travel pass of the future — from a wealthy couple (Demi Moore and Bradley Whitford). Michael Bay lends his name to this exploitative pandemic thriller which prides itself to be the first feature made in Los Angeles during the COVID-19 crisis. Sadly, the movie, directed by Adam Mason, isn’t nearly as intriguing as that piece of behind-the-scenes factoid. It feels as eerily empty as the streets under lockdown (think The Purge). Even if you aren’t suffering from pandemic fatigue, you wish there’s more to it than just the ‘love conquers all’ message. Imagine a regular zombie picture but without zombies — and with countless FaceTime close-ups. The cast is engaging, though, especially Peter Stormare as a nobody who loves his job as an enforcer for the Sanitation Department a bit too much. (**1/2)

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