My Missing Valentine Review: Liu Kuan-Ting And Patty Lee Search For Love In Whimsical Rom-Com

This Taiwanese rom-com received the most nods — 11 —at this year's Golden Horse Awards, including Best Picture.

My Missing Valentine (PG13)

Starring Liu Kang-Ting, Patty Lee

Directed by Chen Yu-Hsun

My Missing Valentine starts off as a mystery, with lovelorn post office worker Hsiao-Chi (Patty Lee) lodging a police report: she’s lost, er, a day. Turns out she’s supposed to be on a Valentine’s Day date but wakes up the following morning instead, with no memory of what happened. It’s as if the last 24 hours never existed. She suspects a weirdo customer with stalker vibes (The Silent Forests Liu Kuan-Ting) — is behind this phenomenon.  And let’s just leave it at that because any further description will spoil this offbeat Taiwanese rom-com with a paranormal slant that’s up for a handful of Golden Horse Awards — including Best Narrative Feature, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. A breezy paean to lost loves and the passage of time, the movie is full of endearing moments and whimsical flourishes (a radio DJ named Pixel Man has his mug pixelised; a sagely human lizard in a dream sequence). But what really makes it combust are Liu and Lee, whose hilarious and poignant performances also bring an unexpected authenticity to the magical set-up. (****)

Photo: Shaw Organisation 


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