Monsoon Review: Henry Golding Searches For His Family Roots In Vietnam In Picturesque Drama

The ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ star has a lot on his mind in this movie.

Monsoon (M18)

Starring Henry Golding, David Tran, Parker Sawyers

Directed by Hong Khaou

Henry Golding’s latest was actually filmed back in 2018, even before Crazy Rich Asians came out and catapulted the erstwhile TV host/hairstylist into the Hollywood stratosphere. He dials down his suaveness here to play Kit, a British-Vietnamese stepping foot on his native soil for the first time in 30 years since his family fled to the UK after the Vietnam War. He’s in Ho Chi Minh City to scatter his parents’ ashes. but also manages to squeeze into his itinerary a reunion with a childhood pal (David Tran) and romantic hook-up with an African-American expat (Parker Sawyers). Kit spends a good chunk of the screen time brooding (okay, I get it — he’s a mess inside). He also does a lot of sight-seeing; he’s overawed and confused by how much his birth country has changed — and how much he feels out of place. Monsoon is an elegiac study on the Asian diasporic experience, but sometimes you wish it has more meat to the narrative. Otherwise, it just comes across as the B-roll of a gorgeously lensed travelogue. You know, the kind Golding used to host. (**1/2)

Photo: Shaw Organisation


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