Mediacorp has added indiego to its suite of music platforms on meLISTEN.

With local singer-songwriter Charlie Lim as music director, indiego will stream an eclectic mix of indie music — pop, hip-hop, R&B, rock — from around the world round the clock, as well as the works of budding musicians from Singapore.

indiego, which had its soft launch in September, will also engage listeners via its Instagram and TikTok pages. One show to look out for is indiego Recess: Let’s Celebrate 2022, a concert — featuring homegrown singer-songwriters Jean Seizure and Marian Carmel — which will be livestreamed on Mediacorp’s TikTok account on Dec 31.

Meanwhile, here’s what a day on indiego sounds like:

Golden Hour (6am-9am, daily)

For those into R&B.

Fireside (9am-12pm, weekdays)

For those into acoustic and folk tunes.

.wavelengths (12pm-6pm, weekdays; 9am-3pm, weekends)

For those into everything indie — pop, R&B, electronic and everything in between

The Flipside (6pm-9pm, daily)

For those into hip-hop.

Adrenaline (3pm-6pm, weekends)

For those into rock.

After Hours with NME Asia (9pm-12am, very first Thursday)

Featuring the music magazine’s best picks from the around the region.

Elsewhere, indiego also features a slate of shows hosted by partners and musicians in their respective areas of expertise:

Soul Food with Krysta Joy (Mondays, 9pm-12mn)

indiego krysta joy

Hosted Singaporean singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Krysta Joy, this show is devoted to calming indie folk and soul music.

Future Proof with Daniel Peters (Tuesdays, 9pm-12mn)

indiego daniel peters

Hosted by music writer Daniel Peters, this show is devoted to futuristic sounds from the future, current musical trends, and the lost gems of the past.

Alt. With Weish (Wednesdays, 9pm-12mn)

indiego weish

Hosted by local composer and live-looper artiste Weish, this show is devoted to alternative musicians.

Everywhere & Nowhere with Asian Pop Weekly (alternate Thursdays, 9pm-12mn),

indiego jocelle koh  asian pop weekly

Hosted by Asian Pop Weekly founder, Jocelle Koh, this show is devoted to the coolest Mandarin indie act.

Force Prep with (Fridays, 9pm-12mn)

indiego omar kenobi

Hosted by rapper omarKENOBI, this show is devoted to best hip-hop music from around the region. 

Tune in to indiego via the meLISTEN app or website. Fans can also keep tabs on the latest happenings by following indiego on Instagram and Tiktok (@mediacorp.indiego).