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The Jason Hahn Files: Is Pierre Png The McDreamy Of Healing Heroes?

Jason and Co. seem to think so after watching a few episodes of the medical drama Healing Heroes
The Jason Hahn Files: Is Pierre Png The McDreamy Of Healing Heroes?

When my mother was five years old, her mother told her that women were really only good for three jobs: teach, nurse or give birth. Which, as anyone who’s ever met Mei-Ling Hahn for only two seconds will tell you, was exactly the wrong thing to say to her. She stewed for days at the injustice of a woman’s fate. Even at that age, she was possessed with an incredible self-belief that she could do anything she wanted — and she really wanted to be a doctor — and being limited to only three options was just not what she’d signed up for.

Besides, having just started kindergarten and observed the way no one paid any attention to Mrs Grant, she knew she’d be a teacher over her dead body. And who would ever want to be a nurse when it was so clear that the doctor was the one who got paid so much more? As for giving birth, she had watched very carefully when Mitsy, the family chihuahua, had given birth to five ugly squealing balls of slime and decided that if that’s what her mother had in mind for her as a potential job — well… again, over her dead body. 

And so, she’d grown up and gone to university to be an architect and understood, just as soon as she met and fell in love with Milton Hahn, that looking after this man for the rest of his life would be a job more fulfilling than finding the cure for cancer. 

“So you gave birth, nursed and raised three children. Basically, you ended up doing exactly what Por-Por said you should do in the first place!” my sister would tell Mother who would purse her lips and make a mental note to visit the family lawyer the next day to rewrite her Will and disinherit her only daughter. 

Of course, over the years, Mother’s views on nursing, teaching and motherhood, in general, have mellowed to the point that it no longer pains her to reflect on the fact that not a single one of her children became a doctor. 

She called me the other day to say she’d just watched the first episode of Healing Heroes and couldn’t imagine why anyone would ever want to be a doctor these days, much less be treated by one.  

“This poor old man fainted and one trainee doctor decided he was choking and proceeded to give the Heimlich Manoeuvre. Then his pal said, ‘Oh, maybe he has a stroke?’ And the third trainee said, ‘He probably has low blood sugar!’ and proceeded to ask a bunch of questions about his diet. I laughed so much your daddy came into the room to see what was the matter. I mean, it’s a wonder the man was still alive at the end of the episode!”

“That kind of thing would never happen on Grey’s Anatomy!” I told her. 

Mother sniffed. “Darling, don’t talk to me about Grey’s Anatomy. That show is impossible. I’ve been to a lot of hospitals in my life and let me tell you that I’ve never met a single doctor who looked like Mark Sloan or Derek Shepherd!”

Sharyn, when I’d recounted this conversation to her over breakfast at Tiong Bahru, immediately stiffened her back. “Aiyoh, why your mother such an SPG, one? Healing Heroes got so many good-looking doctor!”

Saffy blinked. “Seriously, where do you find the time to watch all these Chinese dramas?”

Sharyn turned pink. “Can lah. Only got 130 episode and each one is less than 20 minute! Very fast to watch! And den hor, Pierre Png is still so hot! My God!”

“How is he still…” Saffy began, but Sharyn was on a hormonal rampage.

“And den also got Chen Hanwei!” she went on, practically drooling into her mee-pok. “Wah, he 53 orredi, and still so han-sum!”

A few days later, Mother rang again to say that while they were taking a break between their mahjong sessions, she and the Mahjong Mafia had watched the second episode of Healing Heroes and nobody could get over the fact that Pierre Png extracted a huge piece of metal from a little girl’s skull in less than 30 seconds.

“How did the metal get into her skull?” I wanted to know.

“I have no idea.” You could practically hear my mother shrug on the other end of the line. “There was some kind of accident. I couldn’t tell, the subtitles were too small for me to read. But can I just say that even behind a mask, Pierre Png is gorgeous? I hope he takes off all his clothes at some stage!”

“She seriously said that?” my sister asked after I’d hung up on Mother and immediately called Michelle. 

“I nearly threw up my lunch,” I told her. 

Watch the first episode of Healing Heroes here:

Healing Heroes is now streaming on meWATCH

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