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First Look: Rebecca Lim Plays Tough Cop In HBO-Viu Mystery Thriller ‘The Bridge’

We have pictures of her trying to catch a killer in Malaysia.

Rebecca Lim is crossing The Bridge to solve a murder. A very gruesome one.

A corpse is dumped on the Tuas bridge linking Singapore and Malaysia, placed precisely in such a way that one half is in Singapore, the other half in Malaysia. And this is the gruesome bit: the top and bottom half of the stiff belong to two different women.

The unusual circumstances require investigators from both countries to look into the case. Lim stars as Singaporean Detective Serena Teo while Bront Palarae (Folklore) plays her Malaysian counterpart, Detective Megat Jamil.

During the course of the 10-part drama — premiering Nov 26 (Mon) on HBO at 10pm, and Viu — the two will encounter assorted scumbags involved in human trafficking, money laundering, child labour and spousal abuse.

And while Serena is a badass, she’s socially maladjusted and doesn’t get along well with Megat. Can the cantankerous duo catch the perp (or perps) without sparking a diplomatic crisis?

Produced by video streaming service Viu and HBO Asia, The Bridge is an adaptation of a 2011 Danish-Swedish drama, which has also been remade in the US, UK and Russia.

The Asian version also stars Adrian Pang, Cheryl Samad and Gavin Yap, and is directed by Jason Chong and Lee Thean-Jeen. The latter is best known for his work on Ch 5, notably the Lim-starring The Pupil and its spin-off Code of Law.

To play Detective Serena, Lim, 32, told Toggle she worked her ass off and did all her own stunts, including a minute-long fight scene that took 12 hours to film.

Judging from the photos we’ve seen so far, you don’t want to mess with her.

The Bridge premieres Nov 26 (Mon), HBO (StarHub Ch 601), 10pm, and Viu. New eps every Monday and Tuesday. Also available on HBO On Demand (StarHub Ch 602) and HBO Go.

Photos: HBO/Viu, TPG News/Click Photos



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