Find Your Voice Review: Andy Lau Struggles To Inspire In Flat Music Drama

This is the perfect kind of movie to stream at home.

Find Your Voice (PG)

Starring Andy Lau, Loletta Lee, Eddie Kwan, Lowell Lo

Directed by Adrian Kwan

At a time when China is clamping down on pro-democracy protestors in Hongkong, here comes a Hongkong movie where the youths are encouraged to express themselves. But Find Your Voice doesn’t make any overt political statement; it’s a simple feel-good movie, though not a very good one. Andy Lau lends his star power to this well-meaning but leaden drama as a washed-up conductor who goes beyond the call of duty to ready a group of problem youths for a choir competition. As underdog stories go, it’s an undemandingly paint-by-numbers exercise. Not even the music can redeem the dreariness. Lau has another movie out this month, an actioner called Shock Wave 2. I haven’t seen it but judging from the trailer, it looks noisy enough to make keep me awake. (**)

Photo: mm2 Entertainment


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