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Code Of Law: Rebecca Lim Weighs In On The Big Reveal In The Season 5 Finale

Spoiler alert: Read on only if you have already watched the finale of ‘Code of Law: Final’.

Code Of Law: Rebecca Lim Weighs In On The Big Reveal In The Season 5 Finale

When Code of Law concluded its fifth season (subtitled Final) last week, it didn’t wrap up in a neat little bow. Turns out the end is only the beginning. While some characters’ fates are up in the air, we also get to see the return of a familiar face which promises to take the narrative to new direction should there be a Season 6.

One of the cliffhangers sees Adrian Pang’s Dennis Tang trying to save his law firm from nefarious forces. To extricate himself from the poop sandwich, Dennis reaches out to — dramatic pause — erstwhile protégé Wendy Lim (Rebecca Lim), the titular character of The Pupil, the series that begat the Code of Law spin-off.

For Rebecca, it’s the first time since 2012 that she’s set foot, so to speak, in the franchise; she made a cameo in a Season 1 episode of Code of Law. connected with Rebecca over Whatsapp to get her thoughts on her surprise (well, not anymore) cameo.

8 DAYS: Let’s talk about that ‘wow’ moment in the Code of Law: Final finale. When did you find out you were going to be in the finale?!

REBECCA LIM: I only found out whilst they were filming Code of Law: Final. I got a message from Janice Koh [who plays lawyer Angela Ang] initially saying how excited she was that we were all going to be reunited. But I later found out that I was only appearing in the final scene [in the finale] with my forever idol Adrian Pang.

Was it a hush-hush shoot? How did you keep it quiet?

It was quite hush hush. We — [showrunner Lee] Thean-Jeen , Adrian [Pang] and myself — hung out for drinks and a long chit-chat session after the shoot I guess it helped that we all don’t usually post what we do in private on social media so it was kept hush hush very easily.

Hanging out with the boys: Rebecca Lim with the cast of 'The Bridge', Season 2. Rebecca worked on her Code of Law cameo before teaming up again with Adrian Pang on the crime thriller. “Sometimes when we were filming The Bridge, we would just be talking and then there would be [a stretch of] silence and Adrian would laugh,” Rebecca recalls. “I was like ‘What’s so funny?’ He said, ‘I just can’t imagine that you’re all grown-up!’ It sounds very funny, but to me, I don’t know, maybe I’m very sentimental, but I feel like, ‘Yeah! Where has all the time gone?”

How did it feel to step into Wendy Lim’s shoes again?

Honestly, I was extremely happy to be reprising Wendy again after all these years, even if it was just for a little while. But there was definitely some pressure to give a more mature performance. After all, I can't play a pupil anymore.

I have a lot of feelings for The Pupil because it was the very first drama I shot when I graduated from university. So it was a project where I was still unclear whether or not I wanted to be an actor. But then I was put into this environment with Adrian Pang, Janice Koh, Lim Kay Tong and TJ, who were all very inspiring. That was when I was like, “Maybe this is acting, this is what it’s all about.” That was when I started to understand more about it, and all four of them were very generous in sharing, and it made me really enjoy coming to work. Even on days when I didn’t film at all, I came down just to watch. It’s like a free theatre play every day (laughs).

What do you think Wendy has been up to all this while?

I believe Wendy has been drowning herself in work. Well, obviously she hasn't really been working out (laughs). But she definitely hasn't had any time for any relationship at all.

The finale is setting up Wendy for a bigger role in the future. It’ll be cruel if Code of Law doesn’t come back for another season. Is there anything you can share with us?

I sure hope so! I am as clueless as you are. But I'm hoping for a get-together on screen again. It'll be nice. It's been 10 years. It's about time we all come back and do something together.

Watch the entire season of Code of Law: Finale on meWATCH. The Bridge is available on Viu.



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