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Chinese New Year 2021 Ads Round-up: From The Serious To The Silly

From Apple to Mercedes Benz to Singtel, these festive ads caught our attention.

Chinese New Year 2021 Ads Round-up: From The Serious To The Silly

It’s that time of the year where advertisers spend big bucks to spread the festive message and then some. Here, we pick out a few memorable ones, including one directed by Wong Kar-Wai.

1. Singtel: ‘My Grandmother’s House’

The telco’s sequel to last year’s ‘His Grandfather’s Road’ again sees two rival families (one led by Alaric Tay and Pamela Oei) competing to be the first to arrive at Grandma’s (Neo Swee Lin). There, they reminisce of fond memories past and sing the praises of 5G connectivity. Power!

2. Apple: ‘Ah Nian’

This endearingly Amblin-esque 12-minute promo— written and directed by The Farewell helmer Lulu Wang and shot on an iPhone 2 Pro Max — follows about a young girl’s unlikely friendship with the titular beast from Chinese folklore through the years.

3. Mercedes Benz: ‘CNY Campaign’

As the world eagerly waits for his
next feature, Hongkong auteur Wong Kar-Wai managed to pencil in this six-minute ad for the German automobile. Forget the story and just soak up the gorgeous visuals. (Duh!) Pssst: Wong did a better job on the Clive Owen-starring BMW short, ‘The Follow’. Just saying.

4. Adidas: ‘Chinese New Year 2021’

Warning: Wearing Adidas sneakers during CNY can drive you bonkers. At least that’s the effect they have on Liu Yifei, Eason Chan, Ning Chang and Jackson Yee. Sole-ful.

5. Coca-Cola: 'CNY Confessions'

In this four-a-half-minute ad from China, three youths, who used to think CNY celebrations are a pain, show a new appreciation for the holidays after the COVID-19 pandemic.

6. Yakult: ‘Miles Apart, But Close At Heart’

Here’s something emo from Yakult Malaysia, about a nurse feeling guilty about not being able to have reunion dinner with her mother. Naturally, they find a way. Sniff-sniff. A nice tribute to healthcare workers, too.

7.Tesco: ‘The Tesco Ong Medley 2021’

There’s no shortage of sappy CNY ads if you look up YouTube (see

Pandol, Pepsi, Prudential). But if you like your CNY ads light and cheesy, then this epic literal music video from Malaysian for the supermarket chain will take the (rice) cake. Sample the lyrics: “Let’s go Tesco/freshness and price great also”. Insane.

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