Ashfall Review: Lee Byung-Hun and Ha Jung-Woo Team Up For The First Time In Volcano Thriller

It’s ‘Armageddon’ meets ‘Dante’s Peak’!

Ashfall (PG13)

Starring Lee Byung-Hun, Ha Jung-Woo, Don Lee

Directed by Lee Hae-Jun & Kim Byung-Seo

Calamity porn meets geopolitiking in this exciting actioner which pairs Ha Jung-Woo and Lee Byung-Hun for the first time. They play an explosive specialist and a double agent, respectively, tasked to stop a volcanic eruption from destroying the Korean Peninsula — by nuking it.

But first, they must steal the WMD from the North Koreans.  It’s Armageddon meets Dante’s Peak! Between the devastation and shoot-outs, Lee and Ha bring humour and pathos to their mismatched partnership while Don Lee offers levity in the atypical role of a nerdy geologist. Beneath the epic wreckage lies a hopeful message of reconciliation and restoration.  (***)

Photo: Encore Pictures



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