Apple TV+ To Premiere Tom Hanks’ WWII Thriller Greyhound On July 10

It doesn't look like a movie you should watch on your iPhone/iPad.

Tom Hanks’ WWII submarine thriller Greyhound will set sail on July 10 on Apple+ TV.

The movie, produced by Sony Pictures, was supposed to open this weekend in the US. Then COVID-19 happened and you know the rest of the story. Greyhound got pulled and was undated for a while until Apple swooped in and acquired its worldwide rights for a reported US$70 million (S$98 mil).

Hanks stars as Captain Ernest Krause, the navy commander leading an international convoy of 37 Allied ships across the North Atlantic while being pursued by Nazi U-boats. ‘Greyhound’ is the codename given to Krause’s destroyer.

Check out the exciting new trailer. (Clearly this isn’t a movie to watch on your iPhone/iPad/laptop, so watch it on the biggest screen possible.)



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