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Adrian Pang’s Ghostly Encounter While Making meWATCH’s History Mysteries: “My Reaction On Screen Is Legit”

Adrian Pang recalls some of the scary bits — include one that doesn’t involve the supernatural — during the filming of the investigative series

Adrian Pang’s Ghostly Encounter While Making meWATCH’s History Mysteries: “My Reaction On Screen Is Legit”

When it comes to matters related to the supernatural, Adrian Pang adopts a “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude.

The closest he had to a brush with the unearthly happened on-screen — on the Ghost Whisperer-y comedy Maggie & Me, co-starring Fiona Xie, and Kelvin Tong’s demon possession tale The Faith of Anna Waters .

That’s why the 55-year-old actor was so psyched about hosting meWATCH’s History Mysteries. “I thought it would pop my paranormal cherry,” the Code of Law actor tells 8 DAYS over the phone. And as it turned out, something strange did occur. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

The 10-part half-hour docu-series offers a heady peek into local urban myths and mysteries and obscure facts about Singapore history. Like Bukit Timah’s abandoned railway tracks. Or the WWII bunkers in Tiong Bahru. Or the forgotten Thousand Buddhas Temple.

If you’re hearing some of these places for the first time, then welcome to the club. And once you’re done with the show, you’ll be tempted to explore these ulu spots on your own. Well, it's best you go in groups for some locations.

Destination nowhere: What lies on the other end of this tunnel? The answers are in the ‘Abandoned Railway Lines’ episode.

Occasionally, the fascinating series — and Adrian utters that F-word a lot on the show — will even dip into the paranormal, such as ghost stories, which are mostly recounted by witnesses. In one memorable episode (see below), Adrian himself has a ghostly encounter.

Adrian had just so much fun time making the series that he’s game for a second season. “Hell, yes, I think I will,” he says. “There’s a demand and appetite amongst the public for supernatural content. So if there is a follow-up to this, that supernatural angle will be pursued more."

In fact, he would rather do a supernatural show than another about food. “Enough! Enough already! I’m not a foodie!” he protests. “All those food shows [like Yummy King] I used to do was me acting like I was a foodie. But this one is much more real.”

Here, Adrian revisits some of the creepier episodes of History Mysteries and rates the hairy moments (if any) that happened during filming…

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