6 Spooky Shows — Including One Asian Creative Academy Award Winner — To Binge-Watch On meWATCH This Weekend

Look for them in the ‘Shocktober’ category on meWATCH.

As if you think 2020 isn’t horrifying enough, then there’s more fright-fests to quench supernatural thirst on meWATCH under the ‘Shocktober’ banner. There, you can find mostly homegrown horror content produced in Mandarin, English, Malay and Tamil for free. Some of them are familiar (Incredible Tales, Mystery), others lesser known (Maisonette, Silo). Of course, if you need more fear factor in your life, there is a certain event happening on Nov 3. But that’s another story for another time. Meanwhile, you should start with these six titles:

1. Maisonette


Netflix has The Haunting of Bly Manor. meWATCH has this. A must-watch for first-time homeowners and aspiring real estate agents: Make sure to run a thorough check on the place’s history. Not like the folks here  — including Vanessa Vanderstraaten and Benjamin Heng — who unknowingly move into the eponymous flat with a macabre past. 

2. Silo


One of Mediacorp’s rare attempts at sci-fi horror (no, Mixed Signals doesn’t count), this four-part post-apocalyptic mystery is about four young people — including Kin’s Danial Ashriq and Tanglin’s sex scandal-tainted Eden Ang — who grew up in a bunker, having been told by the grown-ups that  the outside world is populated by mutant monsters. Well, guess what? They’ve been fed industrial-strength BS all this while. Think Wayward Pines and The Village, Singapore-style.

3. Incredible Tales, Seasons 1-8

incredible tales

The Americans have The Twilight Zone. We have Incredible Tales, an anthology of spooky tales drawn from urban myths and real-life supernatural encounters in Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. Watch for the the campy production values (which may have watered down the scares, not that it was scary to begin with), and Utt. The ex-MTV VJ hosted the show for eight glorious seasons and he didn’t seem to age. In fact, he still looks the same. Is he a vampire? There’s also a Mandarin version hosted by Guo Liang.

4. Dimension Ke 4, Seasons 1-3

dimension ke 4

Like Incredible Tales, but the paranormal stories here are more skewed towards Malay folklore. Way creepier than Incredible Tales. Only Season 3 carries English subtitles. 

5. Aaram Arivu (The Sixth Sense

sixth sense

This 2016 Vasantham production follows a CID officer who solves crimes with the help of his ESP-endowed teenager daughter. Now that’s how you spent quality time with your kid. Stars Shafinah Banu, Sivakumar Palakrishnan and M Mathialagan

6. 76 Horror Bookstore: Tin Can of Fear

76 horror stories

From Taiwan, there’s the four-part, half-hour supernatural anthology which was recently named Best Asian Horror Series at the inaugural ContentAsia Awards and Best Single Drama/Telemovie/Anthology Episode at the Asian Creative Academy Awards. If you only have time for one, watch the first episode ‘Rent’, about a tenet who has put up with a really creepy landlord.

For the complete list of Shocktober titles, click here


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